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The camera tests that are linked below were shot at Axis Films Shepperton Studios facility and at 24/7 Visual Impact

All Charts were lit to T2 and T22 at an ISO of 320

All cameras were fitted with Zeiss lenses

With the chart lit to T2 a series of exposures were made at half stop intervals to T22

The with the chart lit to T22 a series of exposures were made at half stop intervals to T2

All charts are clearly identified with base stop and exposed stop

All the film was shot the same way but then scanned on a variety of scanners, once again these are clearly identified.

The graphs chart the 8bit readings of the 18% grey section of the chart. These have possible values of 0-255 some cameras are limited to a slightly smaller range, TV safe.

The area in the 100-150 is the mid-grey region, if the middle of this part of the slope is directly above the 0 exposure position then the camera or stock is ISO 320.

If that point is plus one then the ISO is 160 and if minus one it is ISO 640, the plus/minus relating to the exposure relative to ISO 320 "normal"

Clicking on any of the small reference jpeg's will get the full res DPX or TIFF for you.

Matched files, several results on a page, you'll need to download the full files for this to make sense

Charts & graphs

Dalsa Origin

Arri D20 linear normal mode

Arri D20 linear extended range mode

Panavision Genesis

Viper with no filters

Viper with CC30M filter

Sony F23 wide gamut & log mode

Sony F950 with Digital Praxis Cinelog curve

Sony F900R with Digital Praxis Cinelog curve

Panasonic Varicam film rec mode

SI 2K mini

Modula HD

7212 on Arri Scanner - Spirit 4K - Northlight - Cintel DIttO

7229 on Arri Scanner - Spirit 4K - Northlight - Cintel DIttO

Recent CML Tests

9 cameras RAW

Alexa 4 stops over and back

Alexa - 435/5219

Film - Alexa - Epic

Aces Rushes One Light

RAW V Compressed F55 Alexa

Alexa Epic F55 F65 single candle

Arri LUT's

Contrast handling in a real world test Alexa - BMCC 2.5 - 1DC - C500 - Epic - F55 - F65 - NZCS - Auckland

Epic TestsAlexa/Epic +/- 7 stops

Alexa BMCC C500 Epic F55

Camera Matching
Alexa BMCC C500 Epic F55 F65


Effect of noise & compression on Green Screen Alexa C500

Initial ACES tests

High Contrast
Alexa C500 F65

Alexa-BMCC-C500-Epic Mono-F55-F65-Scarlet

IR TestsInfra Red tests

Detailed IR tests Alexa & F55

F55 & Infra Red

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