The shots below are from my recent tests of the Sony Gamma Curves for the F900/3

They were all shot during a kitchen commercial, hence the test subject which does include a fair range of tones :-)

Allclips are uncorrected in any way other than the the two which I have indicated, one was graded on Pogle by Gary at Red to match the complete sequence, the other by me in Combustion, there's a bit of highlight glow added to the one I did.

They were all shot on preset colour balance with no alteration of exposure between the various settings.

Lighting was a 10Kw Fresnel through a 12 * 12 silk with a poly bounce fill.

Click on any of the stills to run a Quicktime of that setting.






Light Illusion Link

sony 25l2

sony 25l4

sony 25nm

sony 25s2

sony 25s4

Gary graded cinlogfull98

Geoff graded cinlogfull98


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