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Hannover 2013 Real scene tests Alexa C500 Epic F65

Sydney 2013 Skin tone & camera matching Alexa BMCC C500 Epic F55 F65

Singapore 2013 Candle light Alexa C500 F65

Perth 2013 Effect of Noise and Compression on Green Screen

Singapore 2013 High Contrast Situation Alexa C500 F65

Brusells 2013 High Dynamic Range Alexa BMCC C500 F65 F55

Amsterdam 2013 Alexa BMCC C500 Epic-Mono-F55 F65 Scarlet

London December 2012 Alexa-BMCC-C500

London 2012 full range Blackmagic CC tests

ARRI LUT tests

Devon 2012 Initial Blackmagic Cinema Camera latitude tests

Hannover 2012 Alexa-Epic-F65 latitude updates exterior to interior hard test

Devon 2012 SinaCam Latitude tests

Seoul 2012 F65 Latitude tests

Devon Canon C300 latutude & Curves 2012

Gothenburg November 2011 Infra Red sensitivity tests

Format used for US TV series 2010

Gothenburg 2011 Latitude tests Alexa-Canon7D-PanasonicHPC3000-RED_MX-SI_2K

Gothenburg 2011 Skintone tests

Alexa Canon 7D comparison 2010

Bangkok 2009 RED daylight/Tungsten tests

Hannover 2009 Latitude & Colorimetry Arri D21-RED-Sony F35

Lens tests 2009 Cooke S4 Master-Primes and Red Pro

2007 - F23, D-20, Viper, F950, F900R, Varicam, 16mm, SI Mini, Modula

2005 F950 Viper Dalsa and D20 comparisons

Genesis exposure Latitude from Spain

Latitude tests graphed results of 6 cameras

Red exposure latitude

Red greenscreen tests

Red Compression & Matrix tests

Silicon Imaging 2K Mini Latitude tests

2006 Silicon Imaging frames from Mutant Chronicles

2005 Digital Latitude in F950-Viper-D20 & Dalsa

2005 Idiff Viper Images

Scott Billups - F900- XLH1 - Viper comparisons

Joseph T McDonnell III Matrix & Knee Tests with F900

HD Latitude

F900 Gamma Curve variations

F400-V200-V320_5285 comparison

2002 Film-F900-Viper to flim out comparison

DigiCon filters from Schneider

HDCam V D6 Voodoo

2002 Viper Tests

Pinhole Cinematography

Blue/Green Test Shots


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