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class="style10" Flying Wire Rigs For 35mm

>Published : 19th April 2006

>Does anybody have any advice or suggestions for a wire based flying camera system?

>The shots that need to be achieved are with the camera suspended above a person running through a forest. Looking for a London/UK based solution preferably. I've seen pictures of Camera Revolutions Libra rig that runs on wires - but probably too expensive for this production...though I suspect ANY solution may be too expensive for this production....

>Jake Polonsky
London, UK

>I can suggest The Camcat system by Brains & Pictures. You can find the technical details at www.brainsandpictures.com

>Camillo Foramitti
2nd AC


>Speak with the nice people at www.cablecam.com

>Very competent. Although probably not cheap.

Dir. Operations
Groupe TSF, Paris

Try Garrettcam.com for the flying rig

Ed Gutentag

>Luca Dell'Oro (Italian Steadicam Op) and his father have build the SHUTTLE CAM, very simple wire rig. They are a friendly and affordable company, and VERY good at what they do.

>Go to the website www.cine-video.net and have a look.

>Say hi to Luca from me if you speak to him (+393486972386).
Usual disclaimers, just very happy with his work.

Franz Pagot AIC
Director of Photography/Underwater Cameraman