CML currently costs around $34,000 per year to maintain.

It costs so much because we are the only system that is still email based and not just web based and that doesn't sell subscriber lists or embed hidden ads.

We have 24/7/365 backup with multiple servers and network connections.

40 million emails a year use a lot of bandwidth! :-)

According to Google Analytics the basic website, not the discussion list interface, gets around 181,000 unique visitors per year with 65% of them repeat visitors.

According to our server logs the number of visitors (excluding spiders etc) is 482,233

Just as a matter of interest (we don't use Adwords) Google pays out on Adwords on the basis of their figures...

Again, a lot of bandwidth. Around 9868.75GB in total just for the basic site!

When I started CML in 1996 I paid the huge cost of £11.75 per month myself! I could manage that :-)

Within a couple of years we had grown to 250 members and a website of edited pages, the costs had increased significantly and I commented on this on list.

JPB of Aaton said that he would sponsor the list at the rate of $1 per member per year, he was joined by more and more sponsors and CML finally began to totally pay for itself from about 2005 onwards. We haven't increased sponsorship rates since then.

The sponsorship pays for the costs of running CML on the same system that the Financial Times, Royal Bank of Scotland and the interactive part of the National Health service, amongst others, run on. This is to ensure speed and continuity of service.

Sponsorship and subscriptions ensures that we are free of advertising, no lists of members are ever marketed or shared and that the broad spread of sponsors protects us from pressure and ensures the freedom of speech of the members.

We now have two levels of sponsorship, both get a tag line acknowledgement on every message sent out via CML, Gold get twice as many appearances on the various web pages as Silver Sponsors do.

The images on the web pages are as random as it is possible to make them!

In 2013 Gold Sponsors logos appeared approximately 340,000 times per sponsor.

If you wish to sponsor CML then please either click one of the buttons below to set up a regular credit card payment or email to be invoiced and pay on an annual basis. The CML year now runs January to January it used to run from NAB to NAB.

We have regular "in the flesh" meetings at NAB, CineGear and IBC when sponsors and members can meet.

The cost of sponsoring CML has not increased for 11 years...

Annual Sponsorship :-

Gold Annual Sponsorship $2400


Silver Annual Sponsorship $1200


Monthly Sponsorship:-



Gold Sponsorship EU140


Silver Sponsorship EU70


Gold Sponsorship £125


Silver Sponsorship £62.50


Gold Sponsorship $200


Silver Sponsorship $100






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