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class="style20"> Tape In Humid Conditions

>Published : 6th October 2008


>When working in hot and humid conditions, which camera tape would you use? Permacel or Tesa, or is there maybe something even better?


>David Gylje

>Hi David,

>Pro-Gaff, formerly known as Permacel, makes normal gaffer's tape (P-665), and a cold-weather version (P-672). For hot and humid, I suppose you'd use the normal stuff.

>What's your specific application? Sealing film cans?

>If you really want to do some camera tape research, I suggest the Film Tools website. www.FilmTools.com


Graham Futerfas
Director of Photography
Los Angeles, CA

>Yes, sealing film cans, labelling magazines and the like.

>Thanks for the tip Graham! I like Permacel (or Pro-Gaff ) too, but have found it not to stick very well in some instants, which got me wondering...though it could have been just an old roll of course.

>David Gyjle

>Hello David

>Use Velcro

>In the hot - in the cold - in the wet

>You will need a lot of it for all the mags - as well as the camera body/matte box etc

>Just measure out your mags
Cut as many feet/meters as is necessary
Put the soft sided Velcro on the mags
Cut along the mag lid/body seam with a razor blade
And finally add coloured tape to the hard sided Velcro

>Good luck on the shoot
Have fun

Joe Zovko
Camera Department

>Joe Zovkowrites

class="style21">>>In the hot - in the cold - in the wet.........Put the soft sided Velcro on the mags
>>Cut along the mag lid/body seam with a razor blade, and finally add coloured tape to the hard >>sided Velcro

>Wow! I've used Velcro for everything under the sun but not this way. Is this idea original with you? If so it should be turned into a verb:

>Zovko'ing a mag, case lid, etc.

>Hal Smith
Engineer and Somewhat DP
Edmond, OK

class="style21">>>Use Velcro

>As a camera owner, I would discourage this to a certain degree. It strips the paint off the mags and makes the cameras look terrible.

>Fine to put it on the matte box, and usually we keep some on the anodised part on top so you can store the PL-cap when not in use. I usually ask assistants to put a layer of paper tape down first, and then stick the Velcro or camera tape to that, so it does less damage.

>Sorry, pet peeve of mine, especially after having my camera re-painted recently.


Graham Futerfas

>I've used vinyl electrician's tape to seal film cans and tape filters on and things like that when it's humid. Worked very well in Hawaii on a shoot. Got the tip from working with a Japanese crew once. Never tried the white electrician's tape for labelling but it might be worth a try. The tape comes in red, green, white, black and, I think, other colours. It stretches, which can be useful. The stuff I used was made by 3M and it was their most expensive brand.
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