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Latest additions to manuals October 2009


Panavision Genesis

Sony F35

Sony F23

Panasonic Varicam

Sony HDW F730

Silicon Imaging 2K

Sony EX3

Panasonic HDX900

Phantom HD


Sony SRW 1


High Definition Cameras (pdf files)

Thomson Viper HD camera brochure

Thomson Viper HD camera faq

Thomson Viper HD camera electronic & mechanical shutters

Thomson Viper HD camera reverse LUT

Directors Friend (HD uncompressed recorder)

Sony catalogue

Sony F35 operations manual

Sony F23 operations manual

Sony F900 Version 3 manual

Sony F900 Maintenance Manual

Sony F900 10 point pre-shoot check (Visual Impact)

Sony HDC 900 series manual

Ben Allan's F900 set-up files

Panasonic 20A manual

Panasonic 27V manual

Digital Audio VT Line-up

HD Camera Reference (courtesy of Panavision)

Standard definition Cameras (pdf files)

Sony DSR1

Sony DSR300

Sony DSR500b

Sony DSRPD150

Sony DXCD30

DVW 790 Sony UK recommendations

Panasonic DVX100 Pal brochure

Panasonic DVX100 Operation Manual


Recent CML Tests

9 cameras RAW

Alexa 4 stops over and back

Alexa - 435/5219

Film - Alexa - Epic

Aces Rushes One Light

RAW V Compressed F55 Alexa

Alexa Epic F55 F65 single candle

Arri LUT's

Contrast handling in a real world test Alexa - BMCC 2.5 - 1DC - C500 - Epic - F55 - F65 - NZCS - Auckland

Epic TestsAlexa/Epic +/- 7 stops

Alexa BMCC C500 Epic F55

Camera Matching
Alexa BMCC C500 Epic F55 F65


Effect of noise & compression on Green Screen Alexa C500

Initial ACES tests

High Contrast
Alexa C500 F65

Alexa-BMCC-C500-Epic Mono-F55-F65-Scarlet

IR TestsInfra Red tests

Detailed IR tests Alexa & F55

F55 & Infra Red

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