LED V Cameras lighting test

This was a test that was provoked by my experiences with LED’s that led up to my presentations at IBC 2018 https://cinematography.net/Skin%20Tungsten%20V%20LED.html

The more I looked at this the more I wanted to see what improvements had been made in the last 2 years.

I realise that there is a large element of “we could make the lights perfect but you wouldn’t be willing to pay the cost” involved. We ask a lot of manufacturers and maybe we have been pushing them too hard on the price.

Anyway, we tried to do as neutral a test as possible, the details are all on the relevant webpage, and whilst one light was substantially worse than the others there was a degree of consistency.

They were all much better at Tungsten than Daylight which was a shock to me.

They all varied from camera to camera, except the reference: “real tungsten”.

It’s very hard to mix LED’s from different manufacturers. On their own, they may look good but mixed they are difficult.

After matching the Kodak grey reference there were still considerable differences as to how the different lights responded, look at the CML stress chart.

There are videos and meter reading and charts on CML https://cinematography.net/LED-Camera/LED-Camera-Index.html

Have fun 🙂