Changes to CML in 2021

We added web discussions earlier in the year and these have varied from very successful to just a few people dropping in for a chat.
I intend to make this difference bigger in the new year in that the first Wednesday in the month will be on a focused and prepared topic, the others will be in a drop in for a chat format.
Last year I published every webchat on the CML website, in the future, it will be only the first Wednesday ones that are published unless one of the others leaps out as really good 🙂

I hope that we will finally have Apps available for smartphone use, they have been in development for over a year now…

A large camera test is scheduled for as early in the year as we can manage but constant changes to travel restrictions due to Covid are making this very hard!

The biggest change is that I will be gradually easing the running of CML over to a group of people and I’ll be moving to a backseat. I’ll post more on this in a couple of months.

As part of this long term change, we are trying to move away from PayPal towards Patreon as it is a better system for somewhere like CML.

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