Slowly losing my mind

I’m trying to speed up

It’s a continuous process, the rules keep changing.

I’d love to change all the images to a more modern format than GIF, PNG or JPG, something like WEBP. This would speed initial load by about a second. I cant because Safari doesn’t read WEBP.
Chrome does, Edge does, Opera does…

The real killer is my PC rating, err I mean accessibility rating.

We are listed as bad for accessibility because a lot of our images don’t have tabs that can be read by text converters for blind people.

It’s a fucking cinematography website, we don’t have a hell of a lot of blind users!!


This has been a public service rant.

2 thoughts on “Slowly losing my mind”

  1. Yes, but tabs (alt tags) on images are Incredibly useful for improving search (and search scores), but only if that is important for you– it may not be for It’s one of the easiest and most effective SEO strategies that you can use. But like I said that may not be important to your goals.

    Perhaps there is a way to outsource some of these tasks to the dedicated cml community?

  2. Agreed. Alt tags are a huge SEO indicator, they help search engines determine context of the discussion that the image is embedded. If the goal is to increase visibility in Search Engines then alt tags are important.

    But honestly – I wouldn’t spend too much time going backwards and adding Alt tags in older posts / discussions – except in targeted discussions you want to be found.

    For Webp, take a look at They’ll help the website serve up the proper image to the browser visiting the site. Pricing is super-reasonable (even by CML standards :-). And if you want to keep it command line, you can.

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