In this test I set the C200 & EVA to ISO 2500 and the Ursa mini pro to 1600 (its highest ISO)

I then took the rushes into Resolve in ACES cct and adjusted offset and black level only to match them.

It’s interesting how good both the EVA, noted for its high ISO capabilities, and the C200 are when pushed. Unfortunately the Ursa can’t keep up in this comparison.

One thought on “High ISO-C200-EVA-URSA-MP”

  1. To really see the difference you’ll need to look at the 2160P version on Vimeo at least, preferrably you should download the original.
    Just to clarify, the cameras were all rates at either 2,500 or 1,600 and then underexposed and pulled up in post.
    I find this a very effective way of seeing what happens to the shadow areas.

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