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Preliminary results of ACES workflow on low budget productions November 2016

The images below show the process of creating LUT's for both on-set monitoring and producing Rushes using ACEScc in a very simple and inexpensive way


I'm sharing these results on the basis that they are the first look and all the software used is either beta or in the process of being updated!

The workflow is as followsŠ

.ari file loaded into ARC and output as Logc Wide gamut jpg, this is to try and simulate what would happen next if we were using the camera output directly. In reality I will use BMD mini thunderbolt SDI adapter for input from camera to Prelight.

The jpg that was the result of the above process was loaded into Prelight and a very simple grade applied, this was then output as a LUT in 2 forms, the first was grade only, the second IDT, RRT, Grade & ODT combined.

The same jpg was then loaded into Resolve in ACEScc mode IDT and ODT and the complete LUT from Prelight loaded and rendered out to a TIFF. I then set Resolve to Alexa IDT and sRGB ODT and rendered the output to TIFF again.

I then measure what the results were in Grey, and RGB, I also tried the full look loaded in Lattice.

Prelight Grade

Grey                155     158     159

Red                 142       29        38

Green               12      135       47

Blue                    1        43      130

Lattice Look

Grey                156     156     159

Red                 147       28        38

Green               16      133       47

Blue                    1        42      130

Resolve in ACEScc with basic LUT

Grey                154     156     158

Red                 145       28        36

Green               12       143      47

Blue                    1         43     129

I think these results are pretty much within the margin of error using the Mac colour tool to measure them!

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