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Skin Film or Digital, can you tell?

OK, you tell me what the difference is...

I shot the same model with the same lighting, K5600 bare joker bug 400 through a Big Eye fresnel over camera, reflectro under camera and reflector behind and above model.

We used the same 65mm Cooke S4 for each shot.

The cameras were an Alexa Shooting ProRes and a 435 shooting 5219. Exactly the same position, lighting & lens, Exposure was compensated for with a nd6 on the Alexa and an 85B on the 435, shooting stop was about T4.

The film was scanned at 2K on a Northlight, unfortunately the scanner oprator was equipped with a white stick and a seeing eye dog. I'd asked him to scan 16:9 to match the Alexa, he scanned open gate, I asked him to scan at maximum resolution and interpolate down to HD he scanned at 2K.

The shots below were matched in Resolve 10 with the film being re-sized quite a lot to match the Alexa footage.

There is one clean pass and one using a Neat noise reduction OFX plug-in.

These are followed with 5219 overexposed by 4 stops and graded down first without NR then with.

DPX behind thumbnail as usual.



Alexa + Noise Reduction

435/5219 +Noise Reduction

435/5219 overexposed 4 stops

435/5219 overexposed 4 stops + noise reduction



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