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Sony Venice 4K & 6K March 2018

These evaluations were carried out by Geoff Boyle in March at Sony Pinewood

I was assisted by Danny Gagatt and Sergejs Bozoks

The camera was tested using a Fujinon HK 4.7 * 18 and focal length varied and noted below to match a "standard" S35 frame size shot with a 50mm.The 6K Fful frame tests were shot witha Cooke 7i

Lighting was a pair of Kino Vista Beams courtesy of Sony

The reference charts were courtesy of DSClabs

The only objective here is to establish the true ISO of any camera and to find a precise usable dynamic range. I emphasise usable as although more may be measurable it may be too noisy to use or the colour may change too much.

Grade corrected in Resolve in ACEScct for best exposure at whatever stop was nearest to "correct" and all other shots matched to that with offset level only to give G 512,minor changes to colour to get zero level colour spot on and this was then applied to all exposures.

16 bit EXR's are here in S35 4K and here in full frame 6K


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