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This series of shots is a test of overexposure on skin with the Alexa by Geoff Boyle.

This si a technique that I used regularly on film and wanted to see how it worked with a digital camera that emulated a film like highlight response.

They were shot ProRes 4444 with a Cooke 65mm

In Resolve 10 I worked in Aces space and in the first shot with the chart didn't adjust any levels just neutralised the black-grey-white chips.

I then saved that grade and applied it as the base to all following shots, in the overexposed frames I added an additional node BEFORE everything else and made gain level only adjustments to get as close as I could to the reference picture.

I'm sure that I could have got much closer with a detailed grade but that wasn't the point!

As usual here's a full res dpx behind each jpg

Ungraded ACES IDT only
Graded with Gain only

Gain = 1

Gain = 1

Gain = 1

Gain = 0.74

Gain = 1

Gain = 0.55

Gain = 1

Gain = 0.43

Gain = 1

Gain = 0.36



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