Cinematography Mailing List - CML

Cinematography Techniques, collected advice


15 Days At Sea


16mm B & W Feature Film

16mm Frames Per Foot

16mm Handheld

1920's 'Look'

25FPS & 60Hz

3 Strip Technicolor

3D Moving Stills

35mm Long Primes

30ft Motion Control Move On A Budget

300' To The Gennie

360° Location Lighting

435 Shutter Phase

45 degree shutter & monitors

48 Hour Film Project Advice

50-60 htz Flicker

85 or 85B

AatonCode Instructions

Achieving High Contrast Look

Action at Night

Additional Costs Shooting In Water

Aerials Of A Moving Train

Aerial Shoot

African Actors Dark Skin Colour

Afro-American Project

Air Safety

Anamorphic or Super 35?

Aerial Bug deflectors

Aerial Filming

Aerial Shots

Aerials - Solution For Bugs On Port

AG-DVX100 Crash Housing

Apprenticeship And Our Craft

Arctic Shooting HD/Small Kit

Audio In Choppers

Auto Interiors on a stage

Back Seat Camera Mount

Battery Charger Draw

Battery Powered Lights

Bee Smoker

Best Film Camera For Aerials From A Balloon

Bicycle Wheel Dolly

Black & White Film

Boat Effect On A Sound Stage

Body Mount Rig


Building Implosion

Building Miniature

Bullet Holes In A Brick Wall

Bullet POV

B & W Cinematography

Camera Checklist For 16 & 35mm

Camera Moves Through Miniatures

Camera Mounting In A Bus

Camera Shake/Earthquake Effect

Camera Support In Shallow Water

Cameras On MotoGP Bikes

Candle Effect

Cardellini Clamps : Welding/ Weight/Stress & Torque

Cardioid Lavaliers

Car Crash

Car Crash Through Forest At Night

Car Headlights - Lighting Gag

Car Mounting HD Cameras

Car Mounts For DVX100

Car Mount Vibration Issues

Car Shock Mounts

Car Shots

Car Shots Thru Front Windscreen

Tripods: Cartoni vs Sachtler

Cascading Fruit In A White Limbo

Chapman Vibration Isolator

Check or Carry Video Cam On A Plane

Cherry Pickers

China Ball On A Battery

Choosing The Right Stock

Chopper Nose Mounts For Varicam


Cinematography For Miniatures


Cleaning Cases

Close Up On A LCD Display

Cold Conditions

Cold Weather Shooting


Cold, Shooting in

Cost of Making A Film

Crane Shots

Creating The Effect Of An Explosions

Credit Card Focus Chart

Credits & What They Are!!!

Day For Night - Additional Shooting Information

Day For Night Sequences

Daylight Bulbs

DFN Beach

Dolly Into An Eyeball

Deep Focus


Darkroom Sequence

Digital Effect Combining Camera Tilt Up

Dissolve Effect Suggestions

DIY MacBeth Chart

Dodging Glasses

DP Make Up Kit

Drunk POV

Dust Off On Planes

Dust Particles Glitter

Earth Explosion - fps

Elevator Flicker Effect

Electric Arc Lighting Effect

Examples Around A Table

Examples : Insanity

Exploding Television Screens

Explosion Proof Filming

Exposing Fire Properly

Exposing Fireworks

Exposing For Stars

Exposure Compensation

Exposure Compensation While Ramping Speed

Exposure In Lux Seconds

Exterior Lighting / Actors Eyes

Extreme Close-Ups

Extremely Reflective Subjects

Event Horizon

Eyeballing Exposures



Fake Snow

Faking Flight Shots

Features Combining 35mm and Tape

Feature For DI Shot On Ektachrome

Features That Originate On 16mm

Filming Computer Monitors

Framing Chart Resource

Film Language

Film Resolution 550 MegaPixels On VistaVision

Film/Video Kit For Saltwater Kayaking

Film Schools

Film Stock For Food Shots

Filming An Eye

Filming Animals

Filming at Sea

Filming A Zoetrope

Filming Flash Photography    (Multiple Threads On This Topic)

Filming Pills In Slow Motion

Filming / Photographing Welding

Flashback Recommendations   ... plus - 16mm Hand Crank

Flash Frame Look For Commercial

Flesh Tone With Cold Look

Flying POV Of Birds In Flight

Flying Wire Rigs For 35mm

Focus Observations

Focus Pulling On Ski Slopes

Framing For Time-Lapse

Frame Rates In World Theatres

Framing For Symmetry

Frazier Lens

Geared Head Experience

Geared Head Perfect Circle

Geared Heads vs Fluid Heads

Geared Head Skills

Glass exploding

Golf - Help Needed

Grabbing Airport Shots

Grading & Stock Choice


Green/Cyan Pastel Look

Green In Glass

Green Screen On Ice

Hand Held

Hand Held - Further Update/Stories

Hard Cyc Construction

Haze In Spray Can

Headlight Dimming

Heat Waves

Heavy Fog

Headphones - Tips

Helicopter Camera Operating - Tips and Advice

Helicopter Rotor Flicker

Helicopter Safety

Helicopter Safety  ... Further Information

Helicopter Search Lights

HD vs Super 16mm

Hi Speed Explosion

High Speed Electric - Battery Winch

High Speed Underwater Blue/Greenscreen

Horse Running Down A Beach

Hostess Tray Flexibility

Hot Air Balloons

Hotel Room Interview Setup

How Long Does Film Last Frozen?

How To Shoot A Black Basketball Player On Green Screen

IMX : Tired or Wired

Impressions Of Darkness

Improvised Mini-DV Features

Is Camera Specific Training and Certification Worth It?


Keeping It Sunny

Kodak & Beyond: John Pytlaks Amazing Links

Kodachrome Look

Lake Shot At Night

Large Sensor Cameras For Docos

Lav Miking Etiquette

Laying Dolly Track

Lenses / Diamond Jewellery

Leopards POV

Lighthouse Look

Lighting Around Firearms

Lighting Cars On A White Cyc

Lighting Cars On A White Cyc - Additional Info

Lighting Interior Moving Bus

Lighting Scene With Car Headlights

Lighting Small Puppet Theatre

Lighting Women

Limbo effect on Cyc

Liquid Gold Effect

Live Action/CG Mix

Long Term Time-lapse

Low Budget Heli Aerials

Low Budget Western

Low Pressure / Temperature Filming

Macro of Ice Crystals

Maintaining Sharpness At Highway Speeds

Making a Rainbow

Martial Art Film Effects

Matching 35mm & Cinegyro HD Footage

Matching Moves

Matte Paintings

Metering A City At Night

Mics For Field Work

Michael Palin's Sahara

Miniature Depth Of Field

Miniature Shooting Lenses

Moisture @ Sea

Molten Metal Effect

Monitor Reflection In Eyeglasses


Moon Walk

Motion Control Design

Motion Control Process

Motion Control Without The Control

Mounting Camera On Hood Of Car

Mounting Lipstick Cameras On Automobiles

Movie Theatre Projection

Moving Car Lighting Effect

Moving Time-lapse

Moy Geared Heads

Musical Water

Music Video Shooting At 30p

Need A Framing Chart


Night & Day-For-Night On The Same Scene

Night Interiors

Night Exteriors

Nightime Exterior Moving Shots

No Boom Allowed

North By Northwest Look

NTSC & PAL Questions

Old Film Effects

Optical Distortion Effects

Period Setting Shoot

Picture Quality And Script

Pipe Clamps That Break

Photo Booth Effect

Photographing Rain

Photoshop Help

Pistol Grip

Pool Table Low Angle

POV Of Photographer

Power In A Remote Location


Prime Lenses - 16mm vs 35mm

Projecting A 35mm Slide

Protec Matte Box

Railroad Question

Rain Element Plates

Rain Effect

Rain More Rain

Raising The Overall Light Level

Rear Screen Projection

Recreating A Plane Interior

Recreating WWII In Colour Look

Red Eye Effect

Reflections In Car Windows

Registration Testing For Film Cameras


Rent or Buy Wireless

Repainting Cameras

Repeatable Pans

Resolution Chart For Downloading

Revolution Lens & Miniatures

Rigging Speed Boats

Rigging To A Military Jet

Rotating Coins

Rushes Out Of Focus

S16 Anamorphic & Underwater

S-16mm Inside Of A Cessna Awaiting 4-5G

Salt Water / Bad Luck

Saturated Flashbacks

School Ownership Of Work

Shift and Tilt and Track

Shooting 1 Frame At A Time

Shooting 3D In SD and HD - NOT IMAX

Shooting Aerials From A Cessna

Shooting A Partial Solar Eclipse

Shooting A Raft At Sea

Shooting B&W or Colour

Shooting Behind The Scenes

Shooting Bubbles

Shooting Cars Against Green Screen

Shooting Color DFN For B & W For TV Finish

Shooting Colour For B&W Finish

Shooting Composites Of Different Scales

Shooting CRT Computer Monitor (circa 1995 PC) at 23.98

Shooting Day-For-Night

Shooting Film Whilst Wearing Glasses

Shooting Fireworks

Shooting Food

Shooting From Helicopters

Shooting Goldfish In A Tank

Shooting Green Screen Through A Mirror

Shooting High Speed

Shooting High Speed Further Information

Shooting In A Loud Car Yard

Shooting In A Jungle-Forest

Shooting In A Movie Theatre


Shooting In An MRI Environment

Shooting In A Sandstorm

Shooting In Underground Mines

Shooting On Ice Skating Rink

Shooting On A Beach

Shooting On A Boat At Sea

Shooting On A Train

Shooting Public Events

Shooting Ratio

Shooting Snow

Shooting Straight Down On A Lake

Shooting Sunrise With Time Lapse

Shooting The Moon

Shooting The Old Pain In The Neck Doorway Conversation

Shooting The Sun

Shooting Toys With A Probe

Shooting Twins

Shooting VFX Twins With Moco & Alexa

Shooting Visible Breath

Shooting Watches

Shooting Water Drops

Shooting Water Reflections & Shadows

Shooting With Available Light

Shooting with Print Film

Shows Shot On 16mm

Shutter Angle Combined with FPS


Silent Films Tricks

Simulated Collision

Simulated TV Fx

Simulating Old Hand Cranked Newsreel

Skin Tone

Skin Tone Techniques

Slow-Mo Explosions In 24P

Slow Motion Under 60hz Fluorescent

Smoke/Hazers & Film Speed


Spinning Camera

Speed Ramps & HMI's

Stabilization On The Water

Stealing Airline Shots While Flying

Stereo Headphone Out

Steamy Breath

Still Scans

Sync without Slate

Sugar Glass Reflections

Sun Filter

Super 8 look with 16mm

Super16 Activity

Super16 To 35mm Optical Blowup vs Super16 To HD To 35mm

Sync Sound With Arri 435ES

Tape In Humid Conditions

Tabletop DOF

Talking Heads In Close Quarters

Taxi Window


Technocrane On Train Tracks

That Seventies Look

The End Of Professionalism

The Pain Of Hand Holding The Camera

Timelapse 360 Degree Pan

Time-lapse Cityscapes

Time Lapse Exposure Compensations

Time Lapse Filming

Time Lapse On S16mm

Time-Lapse Problems

Time Lapse With Aaton A-Minima


To Push Or Not To Push

Track With A Moving Subject

Tri-image Aerial

Tripod Heads

TV Safe - A Thing Of The Past

Two Way Mirrors

Tyler Middle Mount Operating Advice

Tyler Middle Mount & Optimo Zoom

Underwater Blue Screen

Underwater Filming

Underwater Motion Control

Unit Box

Using Kodak Look Manager System

Using Super16 For Slow Motion In HD

Viability of Super16

Vibration Free Head


Weave, Half Wipe & Hologram Effect With S16mm

What Kind of Head

When S16 Makes Sense But Money Talks

When The Meter Says "Go Home?"

What’s The Nodal Point?

Who Makes Custom Ground Glasses

Window Light

Wide Angle Lens For Helicopter Shoot ... Includes Safety

Window INT/EXT

Wireless Lavalier

X-Files Type Flashlight Effect

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