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Members of CML are welcome to use the CML-sales list to advertise equipment for sale.

We encourage sponsors to use this facility as much as they like although it can have a negative effect on your image if you bombard the members constantly!!

Non-sponsor businesses are discouraged from regular use of this facility, there are many other ways of generating sales and we don't want to see members inundated with a ton of spam. The occasional posting that is highly relevant to members is OK but frequent posting will result in the removal of the offender.

We encourage people who use the sales list to make a donation to the cost of running CML id they make a sale. Obviously non-sponsor businesses are definitely expected to make a contribution!

Please make clear where you are selling and what you are charging and how to contact you.

We are the only system that is still e-mail based and not just web based and that doesn't sell subscriber lists or embed hidden ads.


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