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CONDITIONS OF MEMBERSHIP for CML - Cinematography Mailing List

Joining the CML signifies that you accept the concept of an unrestricted exchange of ideas, opinions, suggestions, etc. by peers; and that you will not take any legal action of any kind against the CML or any CML member for expressing their opinions on the CML.

(Also, keep in mind that the CML does not necessarily endorse the ideas, opinions, suggestions, etc. made by members of the CML.)

Joining the CML also signifies that you agree to treat your peers with the same courtesy and respect that they will give you. While we recognise not everyone will agree with the ideas, opinions, suggestions, etc. expressed on the CML, unprofessional behaviour such as personal attacks, threats, unfounded criticism, etc. will not be tolerated.

All messages must be signed with name, job description and location

This enables other people to know whether they can physically help you, for one thing.

You will not post the same message to more than one list.

You also agree to respect the copyright of these messages and not to reproduce them in any way without the express permission of the Moderators.

Violations of these conditions will result in you being permanently removed from the CML.


You may post as soon as you have been accepted as a member, but it is advisable to watch and wait at first to see how the group operates. Your first few messages will be slightly delayed to give the Moderators a chance to check them anyway.

Please keep your postings short and to the point (not everyone has unlimited Internet access); respond privately to postings that would not be of interest to all subscribers; and post no advertising without permission.

Remember that each message posted to the CML is received by all CML members. We suggest that you check that the message is going where you want it to, i.e. to the lists and not privately, or vice versa. It can be very embarrassing otherwise!

Again, please keep your messages as brief and to the point as possible — resist the temptation to orate to a captive audience, or speak beyond your experience.

Keep quoting to the absolute minimum: bear in mind that cinematographers on location may face bandwidth issues. There is a filter working that may bounce your entire message if you quote too much.

Feel free to use a smiley or similar symbols in your messages to convey playfulness, humour, etc. — especially when your intuition warns you there is a chance of your posting being misinterpreted.

If you’re a film student, refrain from posting questions if you can get your information from an instructor, a lecturer or a textbook — many questions can be answered in the ASC manual, Professional Cameraman’s Handbook or the Hands on Manual for Cinematographers. If the system is abused by students then access for ALL students will be withdrawn.

When posting, please make sure that you address it to the relevant list ie for CML-general mail to for CML-AC mail to etc.

Also when posting, if you’re replying to a digest please change the subject line to the one from the original message. Otherwise how the hell do we know what you're talking about!

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