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Conversations between cinematographers and crew about lighting


Action at Night

Auto Interiors on a Stage


Backlit Desert

Balancing Out Heavy Backlight

Battery Powered Fluorescents

Beautiful Bottles

"Birdie" Par Lights

Blacklight exposure

Black Silks

Blue/Green Screen

Blue/Green Test Shots

Blue/Green Screen Lighting

Blue Kino Tubes

Booster HMI Lighting

Bounce Boards

Bouncing Light Off Black

Candle Light

Capsylite Bulbs

Carbon Arc Photometrics

Cardellini Clamps: Welding, Weight/Stress & Torque

Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns 2

Cleaning Aluminium Reflectors

Cleaning Contacts In Lighting Fixtures

Collapsible Travel Grip Frame

Color Phasing - Fluoro Light & F900

Contrast in B&W

CTO On Windows

Day Int To Ext Lighting Balance

Darkroom Shot

Dedo Lights

Desirable Fluorescent Flicker

Domestic Lighting In The UK

Dueling Colours

Exploding HMI's & Crank Stands

Exposure In Lux Seconds

Exposure T stop / Foot-candles


Fake Shadows

Flicker Problems With Dinos

Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescents & Daylight

Fluorescent Flicker

Formatt Gels For Lights

Frequency meters

Gelling Windows With ND

Generator Needs

Glowing Pills

Glowing Angelic Look



How Much Of The Job Is The Lighting

How To Shoot A Black Basketball Player On Green Screen

industrial LED Lighting



Just Shoot The Gaffer

Kino Flo Divas

Kinoflos and High Speed Flicker

Kino Flo Flicker

Kino's On Inverters

LED Fixtures-Color Rendering

Lighting Bubbles

Limbo effect on Cyc

Lighting Cars On A White Cyc

Lighting Cinematically For Stage Performances

Light Colour (daylight)

Lighting Effect

Lighting Effects - Time lapse

Lighting For Black

Lighting For Forklift Car and Green Screen

Lighting Gloves

Lighting Interior Of A Stretched Limo

Lighting Night Time Rain Shot On Low Budget

Lighting Ratios

Lighting Women

Lightning Strikes

Light Output Calculations

Lights In The Air - Condors

Location Lighting With A Small Generator

Mercury Vapour Lights

Meters / Metering

Meters & 18% Grey Card Myth

Metering TV Screens

Midnight Mass By Candlelight



Mounting Camera On Hood Of Car

Nanometer To Kelvin Conversion


Net & Scrims

Night Interiors

Night Exteriors

Odd Diffusion Material

Opinions On Colortrans


Pin Spot Lighting Diamonds

Police Car Lights

Portable Battery Powered Lights

Practicals & Bare Bulbs

Pulling The Plug In The Rain

Replicating Police Lights

Rigging Kino Flo's To Ceiling

Sharpest Lighting Source

Silver Moonlight

Slow Motion Under 60hz Fluorescent

Smoke-Measuring & Using

Soft sources and light fall off

Strange Flares

Studio Lighting Requirements


Tiny Flashes Of Light

Tuff Spun

UV - Lighting

Variac's vs Dimmers

Where Does Lighting Start

Which Is Brighter?

White Backgrounds

Wire Guard's vs Safety Glass

Xenon Flashlights

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