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Lighting Gloves


Dear list,

I´m looking over the net for a pair of special gloves for lighting use. Any advices on glove brands and models, and sites that will ship to Argentina?

I was looking for the ergonomic ones not the big leather type of gloves.



Agustin Barrutia,
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Hi Agustin,

I like Mechanix gloves, which you can usually buy at Pep Boys, Auto Zone, or Kragen. I believe they're the manufacturer of Set Wear gloves, and the Mechanix cost a little less because they're not
specifically for the film industry.

I've noticed you can only buy from these dealers in their stores, and not via internet, especially outside of the U.S. I'm sure you can find an outlet, maybe on eBay.

These gloves are good for more experienced electricians, because they're not as great with heat protection as other models, but you have more accurate dexterity. I find that more experienced juicers are better at handling lights by their cooler spots, and these gloves are good for that. If you're running a lot of cable, cheaper and more durable leather gloves might be better suited, and I recommend heavy gloves for changing the lenses on 4K - 18K PARs while they're on (and watch your sleeves... I burned my old jacket really badly once).

Best Wishes,
Graham Futerfas
Los Angeles DP,
IATSE Local 600 (and Local 728 electrician)

Right now ... we´re using gloves by Gill. They´re light weight, ultra comfortable and most important, they serve best for ALL lighting purposes. I´ve been looking for gloves quite a while and got happy with them. They keep Your hands fairly warm up to -5 degrees (Celsius), protect them from accidental burns, minor cuts.

If You spend some time to find the right size, they will fit neatly around your fingers and leave lots of their ability to sense so you don´t have to pull them off, every time You want to tie knots real quick or have to put up a butterfly frame. They dry a lot faster than the usual heavy duty leather glove, wear out time is okay in relation to their capabilities, You can wash them at low temperature to improve that factor. You can use them for all kinds of jobs. Wearing them saves a lot of time.

I don´t know about shipping facts, you might check out the manufacturers site for that

Daniel Schellhase
Best Boy Electrician,

Berlin Germany

For those who haven't tried them, the Hot Hands made by SetWear are pretty unique - I tried on a pair and put my hand on the front screen of a lit 18k for a moment, and felt no more than a bit of warmth. I was amazed - but I think that a $50 or so pair of work gloves should be pretty amazing. and also available on - and I know that Film Tools will ship
internationally. I had them ship a number of Surefire flashlights to me while I was in India.

Ted Hayash
Los Angeles, CA

TEGERA Swedish ski gloves. They fit really tightly so you can do just about everything with lights, camera and grip etc, they keep your hands warm in the snow and fit inside thicker gloves if you are doing heavy duty work.

Pretty cheap in Sweden too, about 10 dollars a pair.

Chris Maris
Director of Photography

Double or single leather palm gunn pattern work gloves are easy an inexpensive and work great with heat as do deerskin work gloves with keystone thumb for more comfort but a bit less heat resistance. Fleece lined premium pigskin drivers are great and comfortable. And for really hot lights
Lincoln Electric Welders gloves for $10 can't be beat.

Walter Graff
BlueSky Media, Inc.

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