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Hello everyone,

Looking for a pair of headphones. Location use mainly, some studio perhaps (nothing planned that direction so far).

I want closed back ones. What bothers me is the way the characteristics are published by some vendors or manufacturers. They never seem to be on an identical basis. So what should I look for any recommendations.

Thanks beforehand.


Emmanuel, London
Assistant Caméra - Camera Assistant - Kameraassistent
European based
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> Looking for a pair of headphones.

I love my Bose noise cancelling headphones!

Dave Stump ASC
DP/VFX Supervisor LA, Calif

Emmanuel SUYS writes :

>Looking for a pair of headphones.

The Sony MDR-7506 are pretty much the standard of the industry for location recording. They have a very bright high-end and good, clean bass, which make them ideal for revealing any acoustical problems, noise, etc., in the environment.

Dan Drasin
Greenbrae, CA

I agree with Dan.

The 7506s aren't too expensive ($100 USD or so), and sound great. I think every soundperson I've worked with uses them. There's also a Sennheiser pair that have a higher price ($250 USD if I remember correctly), but I'm not sure of the model number. I'm sure someone on the list will suggest them.

I personally don't use my Sony V-700DJs for critical listening, but I enjoy the slightly higher bass response they give me over the 7506s. Oh, and both the Sony’s are collapsible and come with a bag, making them a bit easier to travel with or carry around.


Dom "lost my bag the first day I bought them" Zanghi
2nd AC/Sports Camera Op.
Lincoln, Nebraska

Dan Drasin wrote :

>The Sony MDR-7506 are pretty much the standard of the industry for >location recording.

That’s what I use. $100 USD, generally. Others to try:

Sony 7509 (like the 7506 but with bigger ear muffs)

Sennheiser HD280

Sennheiser HD25

I know mixers who use each of these models.

Jim Feeley

I like the Sennheiser as they have a realistic top end , good detail in the middle but they are not for inexperienced folk - they overemphasise the bottom end which may lead to excessive applied roll of . For some reason I monitor at lower levels which causes less fatigue with the Sennheisers.

The Sony’s 7500s


are the standard but since they are very slightly "muddy" in the middle I tend to turn them up too much. The bottom end is pretty realistic. There are also the Sony V-6 - cheaper and ok it you must.

I assume you are not a sound mixer, so the V-6 for the price are fine ( if they are still made). This is as personal as what kind of coffee you like. Forget noise cancelling except for airline trips where they are a requirement.

They really don’t sound "good" but the noise cancelling on a plane is an absolute must. Even the cheapos are worth it. There is no way that you don’t hurt your ears with the foam airline headsets. You just have to turn them up so high over the aircraft noise ( well not in 1st class) that you are hurting yourself. The noise cancelling ones do away with a significant amount of aircraft noise so much so that you can even have conversations at a "normal" level with another person wearing these headsets. Also you can listen in on conversations 4 rows away!!

There are some special high noise headsets made by Trew check his site.

good luck


Hi everyone,

Thanks for the tips, I am most likely going to go for the Sony MDR 7506, looks like there seems to be a consensus on that one. However will purchase this in Germany in a few weeks, as in London the prices for Sony’s are ridiculous, nowhere near the 100 USD rather nearer the 200USD!

Keeping one option open as someone is offering me a pair of Beyer dynamics DT48 for a reasonable price, will check on that as well.

Currently using a pair of Sennheiser HD25, which is also an option.

Again thanks

Emmanuel, London

Assistant Caméra - Camera Assistant - Kameraassistent
European based
+491608036889 - +447910034443

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