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Flying Wire Rigs For 35mm


Does anybody have any advice or suggestions for a wire based flying camera system?

The shots that need to be achieved are with the camera suspended above a person running through a forest. Looking for a London/UK based solution preferably. I've seen pictures of Camera Revolutions Libra rig that runs on wires - but probably too expensive for this production...though I suspect ANY solution may be too expensive for this production....

Jake Polonsky
London, UK

I can suggest The Camcat system by Brains & Pictures. You can find the technical details at

Camillo Foramitti
2nd AC


Speak with the nice people at

Very competent. Although probably not cheap.

Dir. Operations
Groupe TSF, Paris

Try for the flying rig

Ed Gutentag

Luca Dell'Oro (Italian Steadicam Op) and his father have build the SHUTTLE CAM, very simple wire rig. They are a friendly and affordable company, and VERY good at what they do.

Go to the website and have a look.

Say hi to Luca from me if you speak to him (+393486972386).
Usual disclaimers, just very happy with his work.

Franz Pagot AIC
Director of Photography/Underwater Cameraman

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