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Moisture @ Sea

Hi Gurus,

Can someone tell me the proper name for the item that you would put in your camera case to absorb moisture?

I'm using a pelican case for my DVX100 and I will be at sea for fifteen days shooting the maiden voyage on two yachts cruising from the Seattle area to Juneau Alaska. Moisture is an issue and I want to play it safe. I am also ordering a Kata raincoat as well. I would appreciate any input. Pelican cases are notorious for holding in moisture after the case has been shut. There is a product that you can put inside to absorb any moisture like the silica gel in an aspirin bottle.


Marten Benatar
Rio Media Services
Northern California

Silicas online :

It offers a moisture index card to put in your cases.

Well hot damn!

Caleb Crosby, s.o.c.

It will cost a lot less, like less than a tenth, if you buy it from a chemist/pharmacy.

Like everything else, as soon as you put a film/video logo on it will cost a lot more.


Geoff Boyle FBKS
Director of Photography
EU Based

It's called Silica Gel and is available from any large Camera Store. I just looked at the website of a large store here in New York, and found this :

Pelican Desiccant Silica Gel for All Cases

Mfr Catalog # PC1500D • B&H Catalog # PE1500D

Have a good Trip

Dave Satin
Video Engineer

Marten wrote :

>Can someone tell me the proper name for the item that you would put in >your camera case to absorb moisture.

Hi. You already mentioned it, isn't "silica gel" what you're looking for? You can find the disposable or durable ones from any photo shop or at where they sell Pelican brands for your Pelican case.

Either way, any silica gel you get is completely re-useable. Just drive out the moisture by sticking them in the toaster or microwave. You'll have to make sure though that the manufacturer certifies the outer shell to be microwave-safe as some aren't.


Raymond Ocampo
Student DP/Editor
San Francisco, CA

I’m not sure who started this thread but it’s somebody who will be doing a sailing gig this summer and needed some camera moisture advice.

The silica gels are a great idea if companied with some sort of waterproof case.

A case I have found useful in rain (it’s actually rated for underwater up to 30 meters) is a PVC bag like device with an optical front glass.

The rig is made by Ewa-Marine and their stuff is available on a number of sites, one of which is

Have fun out there!

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Allen S. Facemire
SaltRun Productions,inc.

>It will cost a lot less, like less than a tenth, if you buy it from a >chemist/pharmacy.

...and if you want to spend a tenth less again...

Try "rice".

Tie it up in a sock. Moisture sponge.

Caleb Crosby, s.o.c.

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