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Tape In Humid Conditions


When working in hot and humid conditions, which camera tape would you use? Permacel or Tesa, or is there maybe something even better?


David Gylje

Hi David,

Pro-Gaff, formerly known as Permacel, makes normal gaffer's tape (P-665), and a cold-weather version (P-672). For hot and humid, I suppose you'd use the normal stuff.

What's your specific application? Sealing film cans?

If you really want to do some camera tape research, I suggest the Film Tools website.


Graham Futerfas
Director of Photography
Los Angeles, CA

Yes, sealing film cans, labelling magazines and the like.

Thanks for the tip Graham! I like Permacel (or Pro-Gaff ) too, but have found it not to stick very well in some instants, which got me wondering...though it could have been just an old roll of course.

David Gyjle

Hello David

Use Velcro

In the hot - in the cold - in the wet

You will need a lot of it for all the mags - as well as the camera body/matte box etc

Just measure out your mags
Cut as many feet/meters as is necessary
Put the soft sided Velcro on the mags
Cut along the mag lid/body seam with a razor blade
And finally add coloured tape to the hard sided Velcro

Good luck on the shoot
Have fun

Joe Zovko
Camera Department

Joe Zovkowrites

>>In the hot - in the cold - in the wet.........Put the soft sided Velcro on the mags
>>Cut along the mag lid/body seam with a razor blade, and finally add coloured tape to the hard >>sided Velcro

Wow! I've used Velcro for everything under the sun but not this way. Is this idea original with you? If so it should be turned into a verb:

Zovko'ing a mag, case lid, etc.

Hal Smith
Engineer and Somewhat DP
Edmond, OK

>>Use Velcro

As a camera owner, I would discourage this to a certain degree. It strips the paint off the mags and makes the cameras look terrible.

Fine to put it on the matte box, and usually we keep some on the anodised part on top so you can store the PL-cap when not in use. I usually ask assistants to put a layer of paper tape down first, and then stick the Velcro or camera tape to that, so it does less damage.

Sorry, pet peeve of mine, especially after having my camera re-painted recently.


Graham Futerfas

I've used vinyl electrician's tape to seal film cans and tape filters on and things like that when it's humid. Worked very well in Hawaii on a shoot. Got the tip from working with a Japanese crew once. Never tried the white electrician's tape for labelling but it might be worth a try. The tape comes in red, green, white, black and, I think, other colours. It stretches, which can be useful. The stuff I used was made by 3M and it was their most expensive brand.
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Motion Picture & HD Camera Assistant
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