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Shooting On A Boat At Sea


I would like to talk to all and any crew that have any experience of shooting on a boat or at sea.

Thank you as always

Matthew Woolf
Director of Photography
917 399 9565

Did a boat to boat with the camera on a three axis Libra head in a speeding speed boat. Camera was moving along side, ahead, cutting across etc, all the beauty and close-up shots of the main boat, a Chinese junk. Panavised 435 with an older ten to one anamorphic zoom. Shot from both ends of the zoom, but mostly around 100mm to 150mm. Rough sea with waves of 3 to 5 feet. A lot of the crew and I were feeding the fishes both days. Footage came out amazingly smooth.

Highly recommended.

Picha Srisansanee
DP, Bangkok, Thailand

Those behind the ear seasickness patches work great, but if you wear them for more then something like three, four days, you lose your near vision for a couple of days (after removing the patch). I had to pull focus from (short) focus whip extension distance, in order to see the
lens markings!

Mako, Makofoto, Indy Airport, IL

Matthew woolf wrote:

>>I would like to talk to all and any crew that have any experience of shooting on a boat or at sea.

I have been shooting on boats at sea for about 10 years on and off. Feel free to contact me with specific questions. I'll help if I can.

Steve Panariello
Digital Island Media
Key West, Florida

I just came ashore a month ago after 8 months in the north Atlantic filming a doc aboard my little vessel (sail). Shot 250 hours on an EX1 and a Flip. In a word? Ziplocks. There are a few tricks but more related
to eating well than cameras. That was simple!

Get specific with questions. the sea is a big concept with a cam!

drip, drip,

caleb crosby/camera & belaying pins


I have 25 years global experience as an expert marine cinematographer for all aspects of cinema and television .

Laurie K. Gilbert s.o.c.
Helicopter Aerial Cinematographer

Based in Asia - Filming the World

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