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Blackmagic camera first look

These frames were shot in my garden illuminated by north light from a mixed blue and cloudy sky.

The lens was a Tamron 90mm SP Macro, the sharpest lens I own.

Exposures were at two settings, the set going to underexposed were 200 ISO with a 45 degree shutter, the over exposed set were ISO 800 with a 180 degree shutter.

I will redo these tests in a more controlled environment with constant settings but this was a quick first look.

I will also upload some manually graded images alongside the autoconverted one.

The conversions to PNG were done in Xnview as an automated process so don't believe these images - download the DNG and see the difference!

As usual click on the image to download a full DNG file

as meter

plus 5

plus 4.5

plus 4

plus 3.5

plus 3

plus 2.5

plus 2

plus 1.5

plus 1

plus .5

As metered

minus .5

minus 1

minus 1.5

minus 2

minus 2.5

minus 3

minus 3.5

minus 4.5

minus 5.5

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