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Camalot-Vocas-Tests-Alexa-BMCC-C500-Epic Mono-F55-F65-Scarlet page 2

These tests were shot at the Netherlands Film Academy with the help of Camalot, Vocas and the NSC.

Wherever possible the same lens was used moving from camera to camera.

The DPX files were created in the respective manufacturers own debayering software where possible, the C500 material was debayered in Resolve due to issues with the Canon software not recognising a lot of folders.

Where there were options I have always gone for the most latitude. Alexa LogC, BMCC BMD Film, C500 Canon Log, Epic & Scarlet Redlog Film, F55 & F65 Sgamut & Slog 2

All rendered to maximum resolution 16 bit DPX files - the thumbnails were mostly made in XnView except for the F55 which had to be made in Photoshop as XnView barfed on them.

Click on the thumbnail for the full res file. RAW frames will be added later...

To keep the pages to a reasonable size I have split the results into 2 sections, part 1 is here


Epic Mono






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