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Charts of Camera responses


The charts that we link to here were created by reading the green values from all exposured in 8 bit mode.

The valus at Base T22 exposed at T22 and Base T2 exposed at T2 are "normal" interestingly although my Minolta Flashmeter IV indicated that these were identical exposures they're not. That's why I've included both. The base exposure was based on ISO320

For those of you who have difficulty reading charts.....

The results appear to show.....

Sony F900R is 400-500 ISO

F950, F23 and "normal" Viper are 320 ISO

Varicam is 250 ISO (this surprises me and I'll re-test)

Viper with cc30M is 160 ISO

D-20 is 125 ISO in either mode

Click on the chart for a bigger one

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