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Comparison of Cooke 75mm Spherical lens with 75mm Anamorphic Lens

As part of the CML-UWE comprehensive lens tests I decided that it would be useful to clearly establish the difference in look between an Anamorphic and a Spherical lens.

Was it just a case of the horizontal flares (which I hate) or was it something inherent in the image?

Why do people think that an Anamorphic image is more "filmic"?

Obviously the only fair way to do this is to use lenses of the same focal length from the same manufacturer. Luckily I had 75mm lenses in both formats from Cooke.

I was shooting with a Canon 500 with a 16:9 aspect ratio and some of the people working on the tests thought I was crazy to use an anamorphic on this format but for what I wanted it was ideal.

In post I just cropped the de-squeezed anamorphic image to 16:9, yes I was throwing away half of the image but that wasn't the point. By doing this I ended up with 2 identical framings, the only differences was one was shperical and the other anamorphic.


The result is very clear to me, I much prefer the Anamorphic image.

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