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Fuji XT3 movie samples

These were done very spur of the moment and aren't "proper" tests, but more how the camera reacts in different scenarios, so I just wanted to manage your expectations.  They are not slated or labeled with the settings, but here are some details:

-Almost all of the files were shot in F-Log, but there are a few files in the Office folder that were shot with the camera's Eterna film simulation. They should be easily identifiable visually.
-All shot at 23.98 and 1/48th shutter.
-All shot on the Fuji 35mm f/2 and 16mm f/1.4, with no filtration, in h.265/400mbps/UHD (not DCI).
-Most shots were at the camera's reported native ISO, which is 640.
-All handheld (please forgive the jitters).
-The train shots are good real-world rolling shutter tests.
-The last file in the night ext folder, DSCF0315, is shot at ISO 6400 (and is still fairly clean).  
-All run and gun so the WB was left on auto, but there're no noticeable color shifts in any of the shots.

The original files are available via the link below...

Fuji XT3 samples



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