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Framing and Visual Language

Cinematography is a visual language and like any language it takes time to learn fluently.

Unfortunately there is a lot of material out there shot by people who are using a phrasebook rather than learning the language.

A basic level shot of a person...

This person can be made to appear less important by shooting from above...

Or more important by shooting from below...

This is a simple part of visual language.

"Off Framing" that is framing in a non-conventional way with no "Looking room" can be used to create an atmosphere of unease.

These frames are from Graces Story and the character is having a nervous breakdown...

Off framing is used to create a claustrophobic effect.

Unfortunately LIKE CAPITALS in a message or excessive use of italic if used too much these visual expressions lose their impact and effect.

In a world where fashion is more important than ability it appears that these techniques are being widely used by people who don't understand them.


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