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LED Lights colour response


This is a comparison of one LED light and One camera.
The Camera is set to Preset colour balance and then Auto Balance.
The LED lamp is changed from emulating Daylight to Tungsten.

These images are captures from Resolves Vectorscope and Histogram and clearly show the variations

The camera colour values in raw are:-

Preset Daylight CT 5600 Tint 10

Auto Daylight CT 4550 Tint 4

Preset Tungsten CT 3200 Tint 0

Auto Tungsten CT 2800 Tint -2

The values from the lamp when measured with a Sekonic C800 are:-

Daylight CT 5562 CC0.6m TLCI 98 SSI 70

Tungsten CT 3218 CC0.5m TLCI 96 SSI 83

They are in the same order the video is so start with Daylight-Preset then go to Daylight-Auto and Tungsten-Preset and finally Tungsten-Auto

As always right clicking on any image will let you download a much bigger version.




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