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All the camera exposure testts were done the same way, expose a chart to T22 and then open up at half stop intervals to T2, then expose for T2 nd close down to T22. Because of this approach there are 2 "normal" exposures in the middle of this series.The same 85mm Ultra Pime was used for all of the cameras.

I have followed the same methodology on all the cameras in these tests ie loading into default settings in Resolve and rendering out at QHD without any adjustment of the image.

The image size of this sensor is S16 so a 35mm lens was used instead of the 85mm

It looks on an initial check that ALL the CDNG based cameras give far better results if they are processed in Photoshop in a batch mode. I'd reccomend that you look at the DNG files in the zip file this way.

Right click on any of the images and you will download a UHD 16bit TIFF of the frame

This zip file contains individual CDNG RAW frames of all the shots below




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