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The files linked below are original DPX files direct from the Directors Friend of test material I shot in London 15th & 16th of May 2002 one of the files, Kate Wide, is a Cineon file, I have no idea why :-)

Please note these are RAW files and will be very flat and green

I have also included a viewer for DPX & Cineon files

Not included in the previous page of jpegs are 2 additional shots of contrast tests, one is seeing how far the highlights go, the other is looking at the shadows. The shadow one shows almost the complete range of the camera, it'll go a third of a stop more in the highlights.


Chart 1

Chart 2

Chinatown CU

Chinatown Wide

Lego Blue Screen

Lego Green Screen

Kate Wide

Kate CU


London Eye


Viper +/- 3 stops

F900 +/- 3 stops

5218 +/- 3 stops

F400 +/- 3 stops



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