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CML Web Discussion 2021-03-10: Steadicam, or Gimbal, or...?


Steadicam, or powered gimbal, or…? When you want to move the camera and a dolly, crane, or jib arm isn’t the answer, what’s the best way to get a stable shot? Do you prefer the fluid flow of a Steadicam or other purely inertial stabilizer, or the more locked-down, servo-stabilized look of a gimbal shot? Which one better serves the story, and why? What about hybrid devices combining servo-stabilized heads on counterbalanced arms (ARRI Trinity, Steadicam Steadimate and Volt, etc.)? Are in-camera IBIS and OIS systems getting capable enough to stabilize handheld shots on their own? And when is plain old wobbly handheld still the best answer?

Some of the items discussed:

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