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CML Web Discussion 2021-03-17: Monitoring


Has this ever happened to you?

- Editorial calls you up and complains about color moiré on the interviewee’s sweater, or you see blown focus in the rushes. Why didn’t you see that on-set? Was your monitor in HD, or even SD, instead of 4K? Did SDR monitoring hide HDR problems?

- At the end of a long day, you sit down to watch dailies remotely, using PIX or Clear (formerly Dax) or some other proprietary system; maybe on a tablet, maybe worse... what are you really seeing?

What are pitfalls of on-set monitoring and remote dailies review? Let’s discuss what we’ve missed — color, detail, dynamic range, flicker, etc. — while using on-set / remote monitoring, why we’ve missed it, and how we can avoid missing it in the future.

0:00:00 - David Leitner discusses how a Zoom call makes us all equals.

0:06:00 - Geoff steers us back to the topic of the day.

1:37:19 - We veer towards discussing cloud-based production and wireless bandwidth problems.

Some of the items discussed:

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