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CML Web Discussion 2021-06-02: Polaroids for Previews?

In days gone by, many DPs used Polaroids to preview contrast and exposure on-set and on-location. Polaroids are a bit thin on the ground nowadays; besides, the characteristic curve of Polaroid film may not be as good a match for digital cine cameras as it is for film cinematography. So how are you previewing / visualizing / communicating contrast and exposure when the production camera isn’t up & running: DSLRs / mirrorless cameras? Still photos (raw or otherwise) with LUTs applied? Trusty, old-school light meters?

Coronavirus updates (India, Netherlands, L.A.) until 16:41 (burn-in time 18:15:18), then the main topic, spilling into a more general discussion of instant-film memories and current options.

Mentioned during the chat:

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