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CML Web Discussion 2021-06-16: Insurance (among other things)

Topic for discussion: insurance. When some cameras cost $40,000 while other cost $4,000, what are people doing — or being required to do — for insurance?

We open with climate change and rising seas; replacing a 2K with an LED, and high light levels in the era of high ISO cameras; false color and the Zone System; and unusual film processing. Starting 24 min 51 sec into the video, we do in fact talk about insurance, with digressions into media reformatting practices; working with the same crew on multiple projects; auteur theory; setting your rates; bluegrass music; and film criticism.

Jared Lorenz participated by text chat; chat also contains links to materials referenced in the video. Timestamps refer to the burned-in time.

09:13:16 From Jared Lorenz to Everyone : Sorry for the late join y’all nice to see you assembled

09:14:45 From Jared Lorenz to Everyone : That is the language I need to use David! “Thicken the negative” As a DIT I come up against this conversations with DPs who want to hug the bottom 10%… it looks great but not if you want to go anywhere else with the image. That language will help me @David Mudre

09:30:00 From Jared Lorenz to Everyone : Geoff this is good stuff

09:34:09 From Jared Lorenz to Everyone : This is why we share cameras in these parts @David Leitner

09:37:47 From Jared Lorenz to Everyone : I was working on a job for a labour union and they INSISTED that I not provide my own assistant. While switching locations to grab an interview, the assistant lost a backpack on the trip, worth about $12,500. They refused to take any responsibility…. Was grateful for insurance that day!

09:39:55 From Jared Lorenz to Everyone : I can’t be on the mic today guys but a story… in starting to use my bike to transport gear I had to demonstrate that the transportation was safe…. 10,000 trips later CB&G & front row will insure the gear travelling by bike…

09:41:21 From Jared Lorenz to Everyone : Yeah because organized crime started to target productions

09:41:22 From Jared Lorenz to Everyone : Here anyway

09:46:21 From Jared Lorenz to Everyone : Depends on who you are.

09:47:11 From Jared Lorenz to Everyone : About $1600-2000 for gear and liability, cdn in canada w $500 deductible. Depends where you are and what you do.

09:47:40 From Jared Lorenz to Everyone : And how risky your behaviour

09:51:26 From Jared Lorenz to Everyone : Gonna look them up that is about half what we pay and the deductible [referring to Athos Insurance]

09:56:59 From Jared Lorenz to Everyone : @Geoff a camera team drove off with the back of the van open on a remote trip… and a case of Nikon lenses spilled out onto the highway going about 80mph… shockingly… all OK. We were insured. Later on that same job… on the very last day… a PA dropped our camera off a 6’ high piled cart onto a terrazzo floor… very grateful for insurance that day also. Maybe when I am older and make more money I will be more like you @DavidLeitner. But for now insurance is the backstop. Gotta run to another call. Thanks y’all!

10:00:25 From Jared Lorenz to Everyone : That’s terrifying

10:00:45 From Jared Lorenz to Everyone : Bye yall thanks for the entertainment and edification

10:03:25 From Adam Wilt to Everyone : IVC 7000:

10:04:13 From Adam Wilt to Everyone :

10:05:59 From Craig Needelman to Everyone : I used that camera once, didn’t remember it as an IVC, but I remember it now

10:13:04 From Frieder Hochheim to Everyone : Duty calls. Got to run. Great chat. Cheers, Frieder

10:27:13 From David Mudre to Everyone :

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