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CML Web Discussion 2021-07-07: Geoff’s Farewell

Geoff Boyle says farewell after nearly 25 years of running CML.

“On Wednesday I will ramble about the beginnings of CML and how we have changed over the years and how we need to change more.

“I'll undoubtedly ramble about all kinds of things and have even less fear of offending people now that I have nothing to do with running CML and anything I say will be my personal beliefs and not the responsibility of CML :-)

“Please join us, it should be fun!”

Minor editing to remove dead air. Some adult language remains. :-) Zoom chat transcript follows, with minor editing to remove administrative chatter.

00:17:48 Mark Weingartner: Nice to see a good turnout!

00:19:07 Senthil.m: Hi Everyone:)

00:19:44 David Mudre: Hello!

00:21:27 Thomas Diseth FNF: Hi from Thomas Diseth FNF Norway

00:23:02 Jim Feeley: I LOVE seeing all these cinematographers futzing with their Zoom camera views to get them just so. Kind of a touching tribute to Geoff and CML. <3

00:23:12 Gary Adcock: hello everyone!

00:23:25 Benjamin Rowland: Just wanted to pop in and say thanks to Geoff for building this community and being such a gem in this industry. I look forward to watching this when I’m not working.

00:24:21 hraed: From Joseph Goldstone for Geoff: Please give Geoff my best. I remember when he came by NAB, the year when we had the two Dolby PRM monitors side-by-side, one showing HDR, the other scaled-up SDR, and he seemed to bring the entire show into our booth with his you-must-see-this review. A genuinely nice guy.

00:25:52 Andy Maltz: Geoff has been a long-time supporter, advisor, and friend of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Science and Technology Council. His real-world testing, feedback and support of a number Council initiatives provided uniquely valuable, unbiased, and candid feedback from one of the most respected voices in cinematographic tools and techniques in the industry. And that made these Council initiatives better. You will always be an inspiration to us all, Geoff.

00:26:31 Gary Adcock: Geoff, I can’t tell you how much fun it was to have you and the other CML members at my NAB sessions

00:27:03 Lance Carlson: Hi Geoff

00:27:05 Gary Adcock: CML has been a shining light in the landscape of digital cinema production.

00:27:20 Guil Kahn: I was lucky to meet Geoff around 12-13 years ago in a Technicolor workshop in Bangkok. Been looking up to him ever since.

00:27:32 Mark Weingartner: Great to see a full house here!

00:28:06 Emily Stadulis: Thank you for building and maintaining such an amazing worldwide community committed to technical excellency, Geoff. I’ve continued to learn so much and has the opportunity to connect to many people. Much appreciation for the incredible hard work and dedication over the years.

00:31:40 robert goodman: It’s a pleasure to see everyone. And Red was in fact the irritant that forced the others to up their game.

00:32:16 Mitch Gross: The first time I met Geoff in person was at a Sony screening of “HD footage” at NAB. Sony showed HORRIBLE footage including a lot of uprezzed SD. Two grumpy men sitting side-by-side in the audience sat in disbelief muttering “What the hell were they thinking?” At the end Geoff & I introduced ourselves to one another and started laughing when we realized who each other were.

00:32:55 Steve Tobenkin: Geoff, Thanks for your amazing leadership and our friendship. ACES and everyone on this call (and thousands of others) are enriched by knowing you and working with the amazing tests and knowledge you’ve shared.

00:32:55 Mitch Gross: I have my own file of Jim January emails.

00:33:10 Gary Adcock: Don’t we all.

00:33:36 David Mudre: Don’t delete emails if you don’t have to. :-D

00:33:41 @philshoots: I recall the NAB ‘eat your hat’ cake Mitch

00:34:15 Mitch Gross: Michael Bravin has us all beat.

00:34:27 robert goodman: I have every email saved since 1985

00:35:03 Mark Weingartner: So many of us have spent so many hours on distant location typing away furiously. I see a lot of friends here that I knew of first through this little email bulletin board

00:35:47 Lance Carlson: Geoff; I was your chauffer on your visit to Toronto for the CSC 3D workshop. When CML started I was transitioning from shooting to teaching. CML has enabled me to pretend that I know what I am talking about. A million thanks!. I survived cancer about ten years ago and in fine health at 84. Keep moving and stay expressive. We slow down as we age but we keep on keeping on. Do carry on!! Lance Carlson

00:36:16 Mitch Gross: “I recall the NAB ‘eat your hat’ cake Mitch” I got a lot of mileage out of that one.

00:37:09 Patrick Kaplin: I was happy to meet Geoff at the Broadcast India conference in Mumbai several years ago. I didn’t say much, but Geoff gladly answered so many of my questions and shared so much of his experience with me that day. As a young cinematographer Geoff sharing his knowledge is truly invaluable.

00:40:06 robert goodman: Think that was Chuck

00:40:17 Danys BRUYERE: I still have a Viper 512GB mag saving as a door stop in my office…

00:40:38 EricVFX : Benn with you since AOL daze. Met you at several LA shows. Thank you Geoff!

00:40:40 Alan Thatcher: Holy crap what are those books going for on eBay??

00:41:14 Rick Siegel: After several years reading CML I flew into an adventure to meet and work with Geoff in the UK. This was a test with Steve Shaw at a studio outside of London. We tested 12 or so digital cameras, (D21, F35, Viper and more). It was pleasure to work among like minded colleagues and pursue results that revealed the truth about these 2004’ish cameras. Leading the charge was YOU, Geoff that made this fun and I will always cherish the journey with you. Thanks for all you do. Rick Siegel

00:41:17 robert goodman: Good question. I still have a bunch of Varicam books ready to ship.

00:44:40 Mitch Gross: I have been the conduit of accurate information for others.

00:45:03 Gary Adcock: I think many of us have done that Mitch.

00:46:52 Michael Bravin: Dave Bancroft

00:51:25 David Mullen: The Viper is still one of my favorite cameras, image-wise — Zodiac still looks great!

00:51:36 David Mudre: Collateral too!

00:52:10 Colemar Nichols: Agreed David, but I do still love shooting with the D-21!

00:52:29 Rick Siegel: D21 is lovely

00:54:36 Eric Wenocur: I can tell you that the same thing happens with a lot of equipment; It's built by people who never have to use it!

00:55:07 Mitch Gross: Canon’s accidental revolution

01:00:11 Mitch Gross: Canon video division found out about the 5DM2 3 weeks before it was announced

01:02:25 Ron Sill: Thank you for everything, Geoff. Especially your honesty. Unfortunately, I’ve got an appointment and must go

01:04:13 Rick Siegel: DALSA 2003, 4’ish

01:06:13 roberto schaefer: I have a set of the 4K primes. We shot VFX for Quantum of Solace with 4 of them in London. Dave Stump and myself.

01:07:08 Daniel Chung: Lori is currently selling a set of Dalsa Leica R conversions for a mere $118,500

01:08:13 David Mudre:

01:08:30 Daniel Chung: - should have bought a set years ago

01:08:38 roberto schaefer: wow, I got a deal! I’ll sell mine for $110,000. 24-28-35-50-85-100 and T2 180.

01:09:50 Daniel Chung: Roberto. Is the 180 fully converted or just a mount swap? I love that lens

01:10:04 Andy Maltz: John Coghill?

01:10:24 Michael Bravin: @Andy, YUP

01:10:25 robert goodman: Yes I remember John Coghil

01:10:44 roberto schaefer: fully converted . they all are. beautiful glass. How can one see the facebook link if one is not a facebook member?

01:11:22 Daniel Chung: Not sure.

01:15:32 Daniel Chung: Roberto. Try this

01:16:36 roberto schaefer: got it, thanks. Mine are done by Sasaki but are housed differently, marked DALSA 4K. Beautiful lenses.

01:16:46 Phil Holland: That set was around $5000 in the 2000s when the fire sale happened in Woodland Hills.

01:18:31 David Mullen: I have to go — taking my dad to a doctor’s appointment…

01:18:31 robert goodman: I just want to say thanks for all your hard work Geoff spreading accurate knowledge - in a fun no bullshit way. Sorry I have to go to appointment. This has been great fun seeing all of you.

01:18:49 Mark Weingartner: So glad you made it Robert!

01:19:01 Gary Adcock: Good to see you Robert

01:19:15 Jared Lorenz: Everything I’ve ever done right with light is thanks to CML! Thank you Geoff!

01:19:50 Steven Ascher: Thank you Geoff for all you’ve done to elevate the community. Learned a lot here. Really appreciate it!

01:25:01 Tony Ngai: Geoff: Nice to see you via zoom and once again, just want to say Thank You to you and Salute to your contribution of setting up and running CML for so many years! Have to leave now ! Best and take care! Tony Ngai from Hong Kong

01:25:52 David Mudre: I just wish I had found it sooner. This community is tremendous and professional and unlike any other. Huge thanks to Geoff, this is truly something special.

01:26:30 Maxwell Geoffrey: Same here. Glad I found it when I did! Thanks Geoff a ton!

01:27:23 guy mastrion: Here, Here!

01:27:28 Gary Adcock: Geoff swears???

01:27:31 David Mudre: Fucking cheers mate.

01:28:08 David Brillhart: I’m going to have to add “Fuck’s Sake” to my vocabulary.

01:29:00 roberto schaefer: bye everyone. See you again soon!

01:29:30 guy mastrion: See you Roberto

01:29:30 @philshoots: Great to see you Geoff. Thanks for everything. Be well one and all!

01:29:32 Philip Vischer: Geoff, thank you very much for your work, passion and commitment running and developing CML throughout the years - much appreciated.

01:29:58 Andy Maltz: Hear hear!! Thank you Geoff!!!

01:30:01 Senthil.m: Thank you so much Geoff for what you have done! I have learnt a lot and am still learning Everyday from CML.

01:30:13 Jonathan Smiles: Thanks for everything Geoff.

01:30:17 Jim Feeley: Geoff, thanks so much for everything over the years. The list, of course, but also the hangs at NAB and elsewhere. All my best!

01:31:13 steve oakley: want to say thanks geoff. sorry I didn’t walk up and say hellp to you at a CML event @ NAB, what 5 or 6 years ago. I got caught up by a couple people I knew and never made it over :( thanks anyway for all the great things you have done

01:31:47 carlos esteves: Geoff, thank you for CML and everything that you have done

01:32:05 Donald Bryant, AMC: Thank you Geoff for all these years and the great sharing of information on all topics related to our profession, we admire you here in Mexico. Cheers

01:33:46 Mari Yamamura: Hi, Geoff. Nice to see you. I have to go in a minute but thank you for everything.!

01:36:20 Alejo: Thanx Geoff! CML is an encyclopedia of practical knowledge for many of us lurkers through many years! Cheers!!!

01:36:58 Suzanne Lezotte: Geoff, what an amazing hour of conversation…you are a pivotal piece of the landscape of cinematography! Godspeed. Suzanne

01:38:06 Ahmed El Lozy: Hello Geoff, I had the pleasure of attending one of your lectures in Bristol a couple of years ago. I was a student at the time and your lectures as well as the platform you created allowed me to have access to knowledge I never would have had otherwise.

01:38:06 Mitch Gross: Perfect sendoff

01:38:58 James Mathers: I owe you more than I can say; thank you Geoff!

01:39:05 brent: Been a member almost from the beginning. Many thanks for this invaluable resource. Best

01:39:23 John Babl’s iPhone: Thanks Geoff!

01:39:28 Mitch Gross: Geoff, love you man. All the best

01:39:28 Marcus Dillistone: Love you Geoff… a huge thanks.

01:39:31 Jacques Mersereau: CML is and has always been a place to learn, but more than that, a place where the advice comes from real experience. Viva!

01:39:32 Daniel Chung: Geoff. Thank you. We all owe you

01:39:34 Brian Wengrofsky (he/him): Thanks for all you’ve done!

01:39:39 Katherine Castro: Cheers! Thank you!

01:39:58 marc milkin: Thank you for everything, Geoff!

01:40:40 Ahmed El Lozy: I feel like I’m sitting on mount Olympus here. Which Geoff made accessible to young cinematographers.

01:41:39 David Mudre: Absolutely!

01:49:46 Katherine Castro: If you don’t have one yet, consider a discord or mighty network this works well for sporas and cinematography salon. If you do have one I’d like to join!

01:50:11 David Mudre: Yes! Love the Cinematography Salon on Mighty Networks.

01:51:54 Suzanne Lezotte: Thanks for letting me listen in, I loved seeing so many people I know…but I am not a cinematographer, so I’ll leave quietly now. :)

01:53:56 J: And old gals and new gals :)

01:54:23 Katherine Castro: WhatsApp is always an option too.

01:54:59 Chris Mosio: Gary, are you using a 5dii for your webcam? :-)

01:55:07 Mitch Gross: “And old gals and new gals :)” Absolutely!

01:55:22 Gary Adcock: No, Lumix Gh4 with Sigma 50mm cine lens

01:58:30 carlos esteves: 👍

01:58:49 Mark: Yes. We have to keep the signal to noise tight.

01:58:58 Gary Adcock: I have to head to a physical meeting with a client. As always it is a pleasure to talk to all of you and my best to Geoff!!!

01:59:18 Nick Shaw (Antler Post): Got to go. But it's been great as a post nerd to be part of the CML community!

01:59:26 David Mudre: Bye Gary!

01:59:51 carlos esteves: thank you everyone ...

02:00:04 David Brillhart: Thanks all. See you next time. Cheers.

02:00:05 Danys BRUYERE: I have to run off, thanks everyone for the trip down memory lane… Long live CML! Thanks Geoff for everything you’ve done for our business as an industry and as an art form. You’ll be with us forever!

02:00:34 Mark: CML Forever!! Thanks everyone for the years and years of wisdom from a loyal lurker.

02:01:13 Senthil.m: Whats makes CML unique is its Credible resource of information from credible Cinematographers.

02:02:44 Tom Jacob: Keep the meetings coming!

02:03:01 Barry Schwartz: Thank you all so much!

02:03:05 Frieder Hochheim: Great meeting. All the best to Geoff

02:03:45 Katherine Castro: Cheers everyone! I’ll try to join more meetings!

02:04:00 CYNTHIA GRANVILLE: Thank you to those who are keeping this going!

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