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CML Web Discussion 2021-08-04: Budgeting (and cameras)

There’s been an interesting discussion about budgeting on cml-mentor. And Bob Kertesz has said, “get your budget in before the Steadicam guy gets his budget in, because once he gets his budget in there’s nothing left for anyone else.” What other tips, strategies, and anecdotes can we share?

For much of the chat Guy Mastrion and Danna Kinsky are audio-only, so we’re left staring at Adam’s ugly mug. Just put the browser into the background and listen to the audio; the video isn’t important. :-)

We start off talking about trade shows in late 2021, and only begin to get to the topic about 12 minutes in.

At 12:45 we ponder the choice between an FX6 and a RED as an owned camera.

At 20:40 we talk about budgeting again, but drift back into a camera discussion.

At 25:38 we’re back to budgeting and how to set rates.

By 1 hour and 30 minutes we’re talking cameras again: the use of autofocus; high frame rates; HDMI outputs; perceptions vs. realities; technical capabilities vs. client comfort levels; gimbals vs. Steadicam. And we go on like this for nearly 90 minutes more...

Some editing to remove dead air,  so more jump cuts than early Godard.

Mentioned during the chat:

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