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CML Web Discussion 2022-02-02: Instagram & other Social Media for Marketing & Outreach

Using Instagram and other social media for demo reels, marketing, and connecting with clients. Also: reusing gaffer tape; YouTube vs. Vimeo for demo reels; full-frame vs. S35 if you’re buying a new camera and lenses; Shokz bone-conduction headphones; Magnepan and Klipsch speakers.

Chat transcript:

00:25:09   Gary Huff:   Backchannel is apparently just the DM system for Clubhouse.
00:32:34   Danna kinsky:   So now you don’t need instagram
00:40:47   Craig Needelman:   You can buy and sell gear on Facebook. I just bought a used Sony A7s III there
00:41:00   Gary Huff:   I am still old school and sell a lot of gear on Craigslist.
00:45:25   roberto schaefer, asc, aic:   I sell my gear on CML!
00:47:15   roberto schaefer, asc, aic:   I also buy and sell on eBay
00:47:28   Danna kinsky:   Good point - renting your gear to others also creates networking. But it’s all “gigs” - not cinematography projects
00:47:41   Karen Rodriguez:
00:47:48   Danna kinsky:   I got a job from a person I rented to next time they were in town
00:48:26   roberto schaefer, asc, aic: is an interesting place to have your profile much like what Jan is speaking about now.
00:48:46   Gary Huff:   I don’t like Staff Me Up
00:48:53   Gary Huff:   I feel like a lot of the local listings for me are fake.
00:49:02   roberto schaefer, asc, aic:   Slated is really for feature work
00:49:10   guy mastrion:   Check out podcasts and YouTube for Seth Godin - marketing guru
00:49:26   Gary Huff:   I have never gotten a job off of Staff Me Up
00:50:38   roberto schaefer, asc, aic:   Another place to sell and rent gear is Sharegrid
00:52:21   Gareth Roberts:   I work as a IATSE camera operator out of Nova Scotia Canada. I get small shooting gigs off of Facebook and occasionally Production Hub.
00:57:22   Jordan Lorenz:   Carve out a niche
00:57:40   Gary Huff:   What’s your niche?
00:58:11   roberto schaefer, asc, aic:   my niche is “obscurity”
00:58:23   David Mudre:   lol
00:58:43   Eric Wenocur:   I charge a fee to see my niche.
00:58:48   Jordan Lorenz:   my niches are documentaries, bikes, and presskits. and a passion for obsolescence.
00:59:17   roberto schaefer, asc, aic:   what kinds of obsolescence?
00:59:17   Danna kinsky:   That’s a good niche… now I wonder if I have a niche… didn’t consider adjectives of that kind
00:59:52   Gary Huff:   That sounds like interests more than niches
01:00:29   Jordan Lorenz:   what makes it a niche is continuously working in it and building knowledge. Plus all of this SEO / data linking, consistency in posting, and networking...
01:00:39   Gary Huff:   Is it profitable?
01:00:43   Jordan Lorenz:   otherwise you're right it is interests or hobbies.
01:01:11   Jordan Lorenz:   is what profitable? the niche? The niche is what draws your customers to you as the person who can solve their problem. what's profitable is running a business like any other.
01:01:50   Jordan Lorenz:   but don't take my advice, Roberto Schaefer ASC is specializing in Obscurity, he seems to be doing OK.
01:02:27   roberto schaefer, asc, aic:   my obscurity rating is soaring!
01:02:36   Gary Huff:   😆
01:02:44   Danna kinsky:   This?
01:02:54   Adam Wilt:   In danger of falling out of obscurity if you keep this up…
01:03:50   Jan Klier:   @Danna Yes, that Nutshell. Also:
01:05:42   Gary Huff:
01:05:56   Gary Huff:
01:06:04   Gary Huff:
01:07:06   Karen Rodriguez:   Those are very cool, Gary.
01:07:17   Jordan Lorenz:   I came in late but did we talk about word of mouth? Because that is probably 50-80% of work for me anyway. When I was really heavy on the SEO with weekly blog posts and posting regularly on Instagram that did definitely attract business.
01:07:30   Jordan Lorenz:   but always return business / word of mouth has been most of it
01:08:27   roberto schaefer, asc, aic:   word of mouth for sure, Must be more challenging in Nova Scotia just due to population density and production levels.
01:08:47   Karen Rodriguez:   I have to go shortly, but here's my IG handle. @winduppics
01:09:12   Jordan Lorenz: that's me
01:09:54   Jordan Lorenz:   this is our worker-owned co-op
01:11:31   Karen Rodriguez:   Now that is a niche!
01:12:21   Karen Rodriguez:   Thanks everyone!
01:13:05   Frieder Hochheim:   Great chat, got to run. cheers Frieder
01:13:32   Jordan Lorenz:   I have to run to another meeting, thank you for indulging me as a late entrant and for all yer wisdom.
01:25:27   guy mastrion:
01:27:10   Craig Needelman:   I’m out, thanks for the conversation
01:27:21   Tim Obeck:   Hello everyone, first time on. Thank you for hosting.
01:28:09   Ron Sill: A job I worked on with James and Bill Bennett is featured on the site today
01:29:09   guy mastrion:   Thanks Ron - nice
01:31:49   Jan Klier:   Fun conversation... Have to get back to work...
01:37:13   Danna kinsky:   @ron cool!
01:46:53   Eric Wenocur:   Gotta roll now, fun discussion!
01:57:13   roberto schaefer, asc, aic:   do it Ron!
02:00:05   Adam Wilt:   Ursa 12K: 27.03mm x 14.25mm (Super35)
02:00:33   Maxwell Geoffrey:   Thanks Adam!
02:01:18   roberto schaefer, asc, aic:   I need to move on to a more obscure place now. See y’all next week.
02:01:35   Maxwell Geoffrey:   Bye Roberto!
02:02:53   Gareth Roberts:   Thank you all, I’ve got another arrangement.
02:18:16   Adam Wilt:   FF vs S35:
02:26:37   Adam Wilt:
02:40:09   Adam Wilt:   Bone conduction headphones:
02:46:49   Adam Wilt:
02:46:51   Gary Huff:   Oooo, they come in colors
02:47:41   Adam Wilt:
02:59:17   Adam Wilt:
03:03:16   Gary Huff:   I have to run, see you all!
03:03:43   Adam Wilt:
03:08:33   Tim Obeck:   Darko Audio (YouTube channel) Audio reviewer
03:08:50   Maxwell Geoffrey:   I've also got to go now, but perhaps it's good for me to not go too far into this rabbit hole with everyone... Haha. See you all next week!

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