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Hello All,

Anybody have any tips on shooting through a two-way mirror? Doing a run through with one on Tuesday, just thought I'd look for any expertise on the matter beforehand. Scenario is two camera shoot: shooting two people in front of mirror who are just seeing themselves after guess what?...that's right make-overs. After they see themselves we repo one camera behind the mirror to get reactions of seeing themselves for first time. Trying to minimize repo time with lights and all. Previous crews have said it's taken about an hour to repo...sounds a little timey to me.

Also, planning on rigging a dune buggy with an ELMO lipstick cam(probably passenger's side on frame by windshield), plus a rider's helmet. I have things like super mafer clamps, Tota tilters, Bogen arms...but it seems like good ole' Gaffer's tape would do the trick. Anyone? Thanks all.

Jeffrey Bloom
Pie Town Prods.
Director of Technical Ops.

Jeff Bloom asks :

>Anybody have any tips on shooting through a two-way mirror?...

I've rigged dozens of cars, trucks, planes, etc. with lipsticks and one of the handiest devices is the good old Gaffer Clamp with a 1/4" stud attached to a ball levellers. Peter Lisand makes a great leveller clamping device the camera fits in. I also use suction cups for cars and trucks but I bet a dune buggy is loaded with "speed rail" type pipes so the Gaffer should do fine!

The main thing I have found about two way glass or mirrors is to account for the stop loss of shooting through was in affect is an ND and make sure there's no extraneous light coming from behind he glass or mirror!

Good luck!

Allen S. Face mire
SaltRun Productions,inc.

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