35mm Lenses On Super 16

I'd like some advice from the group on using 35mm lenses on an upcoming Super 16 job. Are the Arri PL mounts the same. Will the lenses cover the image. Any adjustments necessary?

Many thanks in advance

Michael Werk
Los Angeles

Michael Werk wrote :

>I'd like some advice from the group on using 35mm lenses on an >upcoming Super 16 job.

Most 35mm lenses will easily cover S16mm. The Arri-PL mounts are the same for all Arri-PL mount cameras. And as far as I know, the "depth" is the same, 52mm (or 51.98mm if you're real exact with film in the gate). Whatever the depth it should be the same collimation depth for Arri 16 & 35mm.

The only issues you might encounter is finding a wide enough 35mm lens to get you a really wide angle shot in S16 - if that's something you need. Might need some 16mm glass for that. And some have theorized that the added light scatter in a lens that covers so much more than the smaller S16 image plane doesn't help you, but I've seen nothing but nice images come from 35mm optics on an SR3.

Its also possible that some ultra-wide 35mm lenses get really close to the mirror shutter, since the back optics are real long sometimes. Your AC's just have to check for that. I don't think too many modern 35mm lenses have that issue.

Make sure your AC's will carry Arri Baseplates and rods (not just the mini-rods) as some of the larger barrels you might encounter may need the beefier rods further away for the Follow Focus - but that's pretty standard. And they'll probably also know to use a 35mm hard matte that's twice the focal-length as listed (unless you're getting a 16mm hard matte set).

Mark Doering-Powell
LA based DP

>I'd like some advice from the group on using 35mm lenses on an >upcoming Super 16 job.


Should be no problems, but be aware that some 35mm lenses may interfere with the SR viewfinder. Not a showstopper, but with ultras the viewfinder must be kept away from the iris ring. We modify our viewfinders.

The back focus distance is exactly the same for 16mm & 35mm ( 52.000mm for PL). As far as I know, all 35mm lenses work fine on 16mm, we have S4's & Ultras go out on SR3s all the time.

Just don't try 16mm lenses on 35mm cameras if you don't want to feel great pain in the wallet. ( cue sound of breaking glass..... )

Andy Taylor
Camera Engineer
Arri Media
Middlesex UB8 1LX

>35mm lenses on Super 16 job.

Arri has made three mounts: Standard, Bayonet, and PL. Any PL mounted lense will fit on any camera with a PL mount. All 35mm lenses will cover 16, S16, and 35. 16mm lenses of course will not cover 35mm.

Mik Cribben-Steadicam Operator

Like the Ultra Primes, because of barrel size you will not be able to use any of the Arri Macro lenses. On S16 shows I have done in the past we have always carried a full selection of S16 primes as well as 35mm primes.(85, 100, 135,)

We also usually carry an Angenieux 10:1 zoom and I have never seen any problems. In fact the image quality of the primes and the 10:1 zoom always surpassed any S16 zooms we have tested. You will be able to use any 35mm lenses as long as they fit on the camera.

Jarrett Craig

>Like the Ultra Primes, because of barrel size you will not be able to use
>any of the Arri Macro lenses.

From memory, as long as an Arri SR II has a PL Mount & a normal viewfinde, i.e.. no 'T'-piece with video split, all the Arri Macros can be used. 50,100 & 200mm macros can be used if you swing the viewfinder up slightly to clear the focus gears on the lens.

The macros will fit all SR 3's as their video splits are of a different design, where the video camera fits onto the side of the camera body, well out of the way of the lens.

Angelo Sartore
1st. AC

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