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3D and Alexa


So has any 3D work been shot on Alexa yet? What would be the preferred rig with the camera's size and shape?

Tom McDonnell
Los Angeles, CA
New Orleans, LA

Pace is currently shooting Hugo Cabret with Alexa's on a Pace Steadicam beamsplitter. Images have been posted elsewhere. Others are shooting as well but have not announced publicly perhaps.

Jason Goodman
21st Century 3D New York
505 8th Avenue #1006
New York, NY 10018
212-244-8585 ext 109

Tom McDonnell wrote :

>> So has any 3D work been shot on Alexa yet?

Scorsese and Bob Richardson are currently shooting an S3D feature in England using ALEXAs. The cameras will fit onto any of the standard rigs with little difficulty. I believe they're using Pace gear.

Mitch Gross
Applications Specialist
Abel Cine Tech

Pace is the only current 3D Rig manufacturer using Alexa's in a 3D configuration. I may be wrong?

I'm sure either the Kerner Optical Rig or Element Technica Quasar would fit Alexa’s. Now will it fit with Short zooms, I'm not 100% till I can put it up.

3ality's Rig may hold Alexa’s but I'll let someone who knows more about 3ality's Rig speak on it.

Dane Brehm
600DIT : Data Tech
Currently in Nor Cal
Phantom | Red | Alexa

Scorsese shooting with pace rigs at Shepperton 35kg rigs

Geoff Boyle FBKS
Sent from my iPhone
Travelling somewhere

Jason Goodman wrote:

>> Pace is currently shooting Hugo Cabret with Alexa’s on a Pace Steadicam beamsplitter.

Transformers 3 is also shooting with Alexi’s using a Pace Steadicam rig on some shots here.

Gary Adcock
Studio37 Chicago

>35kg rigs

Total weight including two cameras or just the rigs themselves?

Back to moving refrigerators.

Robert Goodman
Philadelphia, PA

The ET Q rig will fit the Alexa with a short zoom and a bit of adjustments.

Marque DeWinter
NY, La, Ma

"Only" 77 lbs?

Daniel Symmes
Director of Photography/VFX/3D Consultant/3D Systems
Los Angeles, CA U.S.A.
(818) 592-0999

38 years of professional 3D and proud of it.

>>Total weight including two cameras or just the rigs themselves?

Total weight.

They're using Steadicam, Larry McConkey, but it's always rigged to something, dolly or Segway.


Geoff Boyle FBKS
EU Based
Skype geoff.boyle
mobile: +44 (0)7920 143848

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