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Hello Everyone,

Wondering if anyone has and also had this problem ... when I mount a magazine and press the "Test" button however long i hold it down there is still no click. The moment you turn over there is that sickening click which tells the DP you are abusing the camera. This is on the the SR we have been doing our cross-processing tests on. However I remember this happening on an SRIII last time we shot with it. Tomorrow we check out our two cameras for the shoot a regular SRIII and an SRII hi-speed. Anyone (other than John Duclos !! I'll be bending his ear in the morning) got any idea A:- Why and B:- what to do ?


Must be flavour of the month - exactly what I shot today (SR3, '40, X-Processed) - and exactly the same weird problem - basically I ended up turning the inching knob till I heard the click, then phasing in the shutter with the test button. Why ? No idea !!

Rory Moles <[email protected]>
Camera Assistant - London

I've watched A.C.'s who upon not hearing a click, would take the mag off, and move the film a little. they felt that although it was possible that the claw was properly engaging when they first put the mag on, unless they heard the click, they couldn't be sure.


Hi Justin, How are you ?

I have to say thatI dont think its a problem with the stock. I am at the moment on the last few days of a feature using an SR3 and we are consistently getting this problem. We're shooting Fuji not Kodak. I'm afraid I subscribe to the "take off the mag and do it again school" - the reason being that you just cannot be too sure otherwise and we have had a broken perf ,losing us a whole scene. Was it the camera or was it the Lab ?
Was it me not inching on properly? Better to rule out the last one.

Jonathan Oddy

One of those things, Justin...

This is a very common problem, try removing the mag and lining up the perf with the register pin cut-out in the pressure plate, it then usually"clicks" first time.

As to why, I dunno. If this is the camera I think it is, I know that your pressures are OK ;-)

Andy Taylor

On some SRs that I've worked with if the perf isn't close to where the pulldown claw can catch it (midway between perfs) the claw will pull thefilm without engaging in a perf. Film stock type may make a difference if this happens or not.

If you don't hear the click in 3 or 4 revolutions, pull the mag, slide the film up or down about half a perf's distance and try again. :-)


According to John (Duclos) (I had exactly the same experience today with the SRIII we got from media and the SRII highspeed) it is the stock. It's just to slippery. It also reminded me that the first time I ever loaded film it was Reversal and if you wind reversal on while it is under the guides the loop remains the same. instead of snitching like negative.
When i first loaded negative I thought there was a problem with the mag :)

Apparently (this is from an anonomous source of course :) Arri test their cameras for noise with reversal stock .... because the camera is about 2dbquieter :)

Andy Taylor wrote ...

As to why, I dunno. If this is the camera I think it is, I know that >your pressures are OK ;-)

What camera do you think it is ? Do you mean the SRII That I recently had serviced by some dodgy geezer who gave me a load of old bull about having been head of engineering at Cine Europe ? And who kept refering to it as an SRI ? Doesn't know what he's talking about! I stopped the cheque BTW :)

If you don't hear the click in 3 or 4 revolutions, pull the mag, slide the film up or down about half a perf's distance and try again. :-)

As Rory said this unfortuanatly does not work in this config.

Justin Pentecost

PS:- If anyone here has a sense of humour failure what I wrote about Andy was a joke. Just in case anyone was going to leap to his defence (which i doubt anyone would bother anyway :)

Some of this problem might be due to the lack of a rem-jet backing on 7240, which makes it less slippery, and more likely to stick to the pressure plate.

Brings to mind the great Ektachrome disaster of '74... when certain batches of 7242 wouldn't run through any camera, even an Auricon (which is very tolerant). The problem had something to do with a change in the coefficient of friction of the base. Kodak was pretty unhelpful, recommending things like teflon tape over the pressure plate!

Jeff "tell me more, grampa" Kreines


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