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Can anyone suggest a good artist rig that allows a wider shot of the artist other than just head and shoulders?
Ed Mash

By artist rig, do you mean a rig that hangs a camera off the front of a subject pointing back at the person?

If so, check out Walter Klassen's Far Out rig ( Walter makes excellent carbon fibre back-mounted Steadicam vests and he made this rig in the same spirit. It allows the camera to get VERY far from the person's body and the support arm can be rigged to go between the legs to stay out of the frame. Neat stuff.

Mitch Gross
Abel Cine Tech

Walter Klassens Far Out should allow a shot from the waist up - dependent on costume to disguise the rig but worth a look. Walter's a great guy to deal with as well.

Stephen Murphy,
DP, London.

>>check out Walter Klassen's Far Out rig (

BINGO! I love it.
Thanks Mitch (and Stephen)

Ed Mash

Does anyone know if Walter’s "Far out" rig is rentable here in the UK?

Ed Mash

Talk to Howard Smith at MK-V

Stephen Murphy,
DP, London

Ed ... check out Rob Barlow's rig at (based in London )

I shot a music video some years ago in Japan where we achieved a full body rig shot by shooting hand held and then tracking the shot in post onto a point on the artists chest was very effective ... something to consider if you have the post budget ... although a little less personal

Good luck ...

Richard Stewart

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