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CML- CMIR Camera Evaluation 2015


BM Pocket

These tests were carried out at UWE, The University of the West of England in Bristol on the 24th & 25th January 2015.

This camera was not meant to be included in the tests but Greggmy AC had his with him and mounted it on top of the URSA when we shot the URSA tests (that's why the board says URSA) as we had done them I though that we'd include them...

The cameras sensitivity is not stated by the manufacturer but 400 ISO is the middle of it's range, the daylight exposures are all based on lighting for 400 ISO, unfortunately for tungsten we only had time to shoot at one light level and as most cameras were 800 ISO that is the level they were shot at, this is why the first reference frame is at +1 stop as this is very near "correct" exposure.

As usual right click on the exposure series for a HD res DPX file.






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