C300-2 first look


The following images were shot during prep for a commercial I shot with a pre-production Canon C300-2.

They are clearly marked with the stop they were exposed at, "correct" exposure was T1.4 for the underexposed series and T11.5 for the overexposed series.

I did a very simple grade in Resolve 12 on the normal exposure frame, I used a private LUT from NIck Shaw for this, it's a great LUT and he should make it commerically available!!

I then removed the LUT and used the match grade facility in Resolve 12 on every clip.

Please don't tell me this is the wrong thing to do, the ntention was simply to get all the clips in to a form where I could see what they were doing in both the shadows and the highlights.

The files are all 4K JPEG double click for full size...

I'll add RAW files at a later stage.


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