ACES Rushes 20-11-2013


These are an experiment to see if I could get a setting in Resolve that would give me rushes that I could use to evaluate what I was actually shooting.

No grades, no LUT to show future grading intentions.

C500 daylight IDT and contrast in the primaries section set to 0.640, this was established through trial and error as giving me most of the image information but not looking too flat.

Just rushes exposed with an exposure meter just as I would film and "printed" one light.

The rushes come from various shoots and tests over the last year.

If you click on an image there is a 4K 16bit TIFF file behind it, they are very big files!

The reaction to these was interesting so I also did Alexa-Epic & F65 these have HD DPX files behind them...




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