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CML- CMIR Camera Evaluation 2015

These are links to Zipped folders of RAW files of complete exposure series, they're big, you have been warned!

Actually, they are RAW where possible, a few are 16 bit EXR because that's the best we can get from the original format...

Unfortunately due to an operational error there are no F65 RAW daylight files, the best we have are the DPX files...

Alexa Daylight

BM Pocket


C500 Tungsten

Dragon Low Light Day

Dragon Skin Day

Varicam HS Day

Varicam PL Day

Alexa Tungsten

Digital Bolex

C500 Daylight

F65 Tungsten

Dragon Low Light Tungsten

Dragon Skin Tungsten

Varicam HS Tungsten

Varicam PL Tungsten

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